Make Money with BidVertiser

I tried BidVertiser long back in my old blog and I did generate very less amount because the traffic to my site was very low. Anyway, let me give a short review of this money making opportunity. It is very simple to create an account with them. If you want to create one, just visit BidVertiser from here. The control panel is very simple when compared to other PPC sites.
How much money will I make with BidVertiser? That is a question which no one can answer. It depends on your blog and also your content. Even if one post hits the top page of Google, then your blog will definitely make huge traffic( to improve your traffic, click here) and hence, you make money more with that post . On an average scale, the income you make from BidVertiser is less. It is because they give you some 0.05$ at the most for one click. This is usually for a blog with some traffic. But blogs that are new, they make just 0.01$ per click.

Next, Are the Advertisements relevant to my content? I would say Yes!!! When I checked them out personally the ads that appeared were quite relevant to my content. If your not satisfied about the Ads that appear, you can manually approve each Ad before they are published on your site. One major advantage with Bidvertiser is that they pay you instantly through PayPal for the amount earned the previous month, the interesting fact is that the minimum payout is 10$. This can easily be achieved if you post on a regular basis.

Overall, you can add up some money to your PayPal account with this site provided you have patience. "It takes time to earn with this site". This is the comment, that I heard from my friends. Anyway, as long as they pay you truly, there is no harm in waiting. That's my view. So I hope every one make money online with BidVertiser.

Make Money Online with LinkWorth

There are many ways to make money online. The best program that worked out in my previous blog was LinkWorth. I can guarantee that even a very new blog will make some money with them within 2 months. So, why not give it a try? Is it really that easy to make money with LinkWorth? Definitely not, if you do not know what to do. Your blogs will make money only if you sign up for LinkWords.

What is LinkWords???
LinkWords are pay-per-click ads, which means you will earn a percentage of money when anyone clicks the word ,that is the advertisements. If the keywords are present in your blog then, when a visitor hovers over that keyword, an advertising window is opened and when he/she clicks it, you earn a share of income. It will never irritate your visitor who is reading the post. So, the best way to make money is through LinkWords.Even that will not do good. You need to use the keywords so that the advertisers will put up ads on your blog space.Now, you will have a question in your mind. What are the keywords that I should include? It is very simple and the list is here. I will add up more keywords once I find them. As of I know, include all these words to make money in your blog: money, earn money, make money, make money online, text ads, text links, advertising, contextual, partner, services and so on. Make sure you do not use these words alone in your post. It should go hand in hand with your post. For example, " You can make money online with LinkWorth." So, you will find either the word "money" or "make money" or "make money online" underlined in your blog. Sign Up for LinkWorth right away!!!

ProjectWonderful: An Alternative to PPC

Some of the new bloggers are having bad experience to make money online, especially Google AdSense. Once they get banned from Google Adsense or some other site, they give up blogging because what ever they tried went in vein. But that is not the case, there are so many other ways to earn money through. As long as you have original content and good visitors to your site, you can achieve any heights with your blog. To be frank, your blog is your own gold mine. So, the next question is what is the alternative to Google Adsense. If you have some good content and good traffic the following site will work really very well. It is nothing but ProjectWonderful.

Here you just need to provide a space in your site and the advertisers will bid for that space. The one who wins the bid will put the ad in your space for a day. And this amount gets added to your account. Remember, it does not require any clicks from any users. You just get paid for showing the ad for a day. Advertising is sold on the basis of time instead of clicks. Instead of earning money for clicks on your ads, you earn money every day as long as the ads are active on your site.

The initial amount you set here can be 0.01$ so that your site is full of ads and you earn daily rather setting an amount of 25$ to earn just zero at the end of the month. So, it is up to each individual to set his own strategy to make the most out of this program. The fund that you earn through them can in turn be used for advertising your site. Another advantage is that you can run these ads besides other Ad agencies too. I hope you can make money with this site as the concept is some what different from the other programs. Join ProjectWonderful now!!!

How to make money online with AdBrite??

After my long hours of search, I found a site that will make some good income. This is valid if your able to reach a moderate traffic. It is AdBrite. I gave it a try on my other blog and it did work out. I made some money with them. But I have not yet received any payouts from them. I earned some 20$ with them and requested for a check. That will be processed only after three months. I hope they pay me. I have a positive hope because such a huge company with so many advertisers and publisher base will not cheat us. So, I would like to provide a review on them stating the advantages and disadvantages.

They offer different types of Ad formats namely- Text Ads, Banner Ads, Full Page Ads, Inline Text Ads and also a joint venture with BritePic, they offer money for the photos uploaded in your blog. You can look at the picture for the amount of impressions and sites registered with them. The major advantage is that they will include your site in their directory and this will make the advertiser know better about your site and more over, it will increase the traffic for your site. And you can set your own minimum payout. That is something interesting.

The disadvantage is that the ads that appear on your site is inappropriate. Secondly, The number of inline text ads will be more, to the extent that, anyone who is reading your post will get annoyed because of it. The other major disadvantage with them is that you can get your payments only through check and not through PayPal and the processing time for your check is three months. It is quite a huge time. Anyway, time does not matter if they pay you. So why not give it a shot? Join AdBrite Now!!!

How to make money just by displaying banners?

I am sure many of you will be fed up with these pay per click type of Ads. For all those who are searching for an alternative to earn money from your blog, I would like you people to join paid-to-promote. Though the amount you earn will be very less when compared to other sites but still something is better than nothing. And many people who are very new to the blogging world can make some easy cash with this.

So what is paid-to-promote???
It is very simple. You promote their site and they pay for that. This involves only two steps. Just sign up with their site and put the code that they give in your site anywhere!! Remember it can be anywhere even at the bottom end so that it does not distract the readers in your blog. That's all!! U earn money for that. Is it not that simple???

Next comes the question of payment. Since I write reviews only after I experience the various sites that pay, I would like to inform you that I got 2 payments from this site. Though it is just a few cents. Still remember "Something is better than Nothing". It is better to see your PayPal account with 0.14$ rather than that 0.00$. Let me simply highlight the main points.
  • Create your free account with them. Fill the form Here.
  • Place the promotion code to your site anywhere. Start making money.
  • Earn more money from 2 referral levels: First level: 10% and Second level: 5%.
  • International Members are allowed though they credit traffic from United States, Canada, Great Britain,Australia.
  • Twice monthly automatic payments are sent by E-Gold Or PayPal.
So I hope you people will add few more cents to your account with this site. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and your question will be answered within two days.

How to make money with NeoBux??

NeoBux is a PTC site. So what is a PTC site? It is Paid-To-Click site. Simply, it means you need to click an advertisement and view it for few seconds and later you earn money for that click. The best PTC site that I ever heard and is NeoBux. I received 2 payments from them. They paid me instantly after reaching the minimum threshold of 2$ and 3$. So what you waiting for? Just click the banner below and start earning from now.

  • Earn upto $0.01 per click.
  • Earn upto $0.005 per referral click.
  • Detailed statistics of your clicks, earnings and even of your referral's clicks and activities.
  • Payments are made instantly through PayPal/AlertPay. Most important thing to note is that they pay instantly even for free members.

The above features that I mentioned are for free members but they provide you other membership where you need to pay some amount for the subscription. The key to make money with PTC sites is that you need to have a good referral base. So try to build your referrals and you can make more money online. If you are about to subscribe and would like to know about your profits. Please check the following link to know about your profits. (NeoBux Profit Calculator)

How to make money with a blog?

Many people want to make money online and expect that to happen in one night. But that is not possible. Because you can never get anything that easily in life. So the next question that arises "Is it that difficult to earn money through blogging?" No!!! So, what is the answer? Simple!! You just put some hard work and you can earn money!! First you need to know what are the ways to make money with a blog. So in this post let me tell you the various ways to make money.

Earn through PPC(Paid Per Click)
The first thing that comes into our mind when we think we need to make money with our blog is Google Adsense. These are ads which are automatically displayed by Google. When people click them, you earn money(a percentage of the original cost paid by the advertiser). I heard both positive and negatives about them. Few of friends make good money through them while few do not make even a cent. I am sure if you have enough traffic and have the right content, you can end up with lots of money.

The major advantage is that they display ads relevant to the content which many other sites do not. Other alternatives to Adsense will be Bidvertiser, Adbrite, LinkWorth, PogAds and many more.... I recommend LinkWorth because they have the best services and also the payments are sent on time. Moreover, I tried it personally and had few success with them.

Earn through Affiliate Sponsors
Another way to make money is through using affiliate ads. These are usually linked to a product. If someone buys a product via your blog, then you get a % of the sale. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon, who may give upto 6% of a sale. Other alternatives are WidgetBucks, Chitika and so on... I recommend you to try Amazon!!!

Earn through Paid Posts
This method will make good amount if you are person who write original content. It needs good command over the language you write. People who copy and paste contents from other sites will not make any cent through this method. If you are interested in this, you can make easy cash through PayPerPost. Other alternatives would be SponsoredReviews,Smorty,Blogvertise and so on. I recommend you to join PayPerPost.

Earn through Private Ads
Another way for bloggers to make money is through selling ads directly to sponsors. This means there is no intermediary like Google to collect a percentage of what you made. You may also get a higher return because the advertiser can better target his ad. Though this process looks very simple, it is very difficult to get an advertiser who will publicize his ads in your blog because your blog can never have a traffic like Yahoo or Google. But still if you spend time and search in your niche, you may get one!!!

The above mentioned methods are very simple techniques that will make money money for you from your blog. Though they seem to be simple it is quite difficult to achieve that because you need huge traffic coming to your blog. And that is only possible if you update your blog regularly and post genuine content in it. Hope everyone make money online with these simple tips. More tips in my later posts.