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I know there are lot of softwares around the web to analyze the traffic, the source of traffic, landing pages and lots more about our website. One such useful software/site is the "Google Analytics". I'm sure many are familiar with it! So, what's new about Google Analytics? Is it the new interface? No! It's about their first volume of Benchmarking Newsletter...

Last night, while I was working on the "Featured Content Slider" for SML blogger theme (Check out the demo - SML Featured Content Slider; tutorial will soon be posted in the upcoming weeks), I received an email which said "Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter". I guess this is the first time that the Analytics team sent me an email. The screen shot of the email is shown in the link below.

The screen shot says it all! If you find it difficult to understand, well, I'll just run through a short explanation about the five sections of the email which you may or may not have received.

1st Section - Introduction : This section is basically an introduction about the "Benchmarking Newsletter". It tells you why you received this email and what actually is present in the email (Comparison of metrics  between "November 2009 - Febrauary 2010" and "November 2010 - February 2011"). If you did not receive one, then you need to enable "Anonymous data sharing" for your Analytics Account.

2nd Section - Site Metrics : This section shows a comparison about the "Pages/visit, Average time on site and the bounce rate" for the period under observation (Nov 2010 - Feb 2011). A geographical based comparison about the statistics for your website is explained in the rest of the section. To know more about bounce rate, I recommend you to read the following article - How To Reduce Your Blog's Bounce Rate?

3rd Section - Traffic Sources : This section displays a table of comparison about the sources of traffic to our blog. It just displays the very basic details in the comparison - "Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Search Engine Traffic (the one to look out for) and other miscellaneous sources".

4th Section - Operating Systems : This deals with the operating systems that the user used over the period of comparison to visit your website. In my case, more than 3/4th of the users used Windows. I would be happy to see a comparison about the web browsers used to access my website rather than the OS details. What do you think?

5th Section - Comments : This section just deals with the feedback that you may send to the Analytics Team about the newsletter. You may send your opinions to the Team at the following email address - 

Basically, the comparison is displayed in such a manner that even a newbie can easily understand about his/her stats. Well, to conclude, I feel this newsletter actually provides an overview about our stats rather than detailed insights to let us know whether we are on the right path to success. So, share your opinions about the the newsletter with us via comments!

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Amit M B said on July 3, 2011 at 6:01 PM :

Hey, I think the newsletter's statistics are gobal. I mean they refer to all websites. because the mail that i recieved also has same thing as your's, same stats too...

Mukund said on July 3, 2011 at 7:27 PM :

@Amit M B: Well, that sounds interesting. So, may be I interpreted things wrongly. Not sure though! We'll just see what other people have to say about the same! Thanks for the comment Amit! You've made me rethink about this post:)

Sagar said on July 3, 2011 at 10:20 PM :

Hey Mukund, even I received the same newsletter from Google Analytics on Jul 2, 2011. But your explanation makes the newsletter clear :)

Mukund said on July 3, 2011 at 11:05 PM :

@Sagar: Thanks for the comment Sagar! But, I just don't understand what stats did they refer to!!!

Vamsi@HoverPcHacks said on July 4, 2011 at 8:40 PM :

The statistics in the newsletter comes from all the websites which enabled anonymous data sharing ;) and the newsletter is only received by the site administrators who enabled anonymous data sharing.


I concur with Amit M B post, everybody received the same newsletter with the same data. One has to manually extract the information Google has decided to share via their newsletter, and compare it with ones own data in Google GA by creating a spreadsheet. Thus creating more work to benchmark our success (corporate, and justify SEO specialist existence), and more records one needs to archive for later retrieval.

Thank you, Google

PS: I would like to see comScroe offer the same service, or better Google GA does -even if its NOT for Free!

Mukund said on July 4, 2011 at 10:52 PM :

@Vamsi@HoverPcHacks: Well, you are right Vamsi! But, the data appears to be the same for all the websites. So, I should go with Amit's comment!

Mukund said on July 4, 2011 at 10:55 PM :

@Anonymous: Yes! I accept with you and Amit as well! It's just like a reference table! One has to manually compare his or her performance with the info they gave! Well, I would love to hear more from you! Please do leave your name and URL the next time you comment! Any way, thanks for the comment buddy!

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