Now monetize using a sharexy's sharing widget and earn money

Yes, now you can get money for each word shared about the site that is being shared. Like if someone shares some post that is published at your site you get paid from the ads shown like the ones' showed below. This service is from Yepty in order to increase social visibility and earn money along with sharing widget.

Monetize Blog Images With Luminate

Luminate is the leader in making images interactive. Luminate offers the world's first platform for image applications. A consumer simply mouses over any image on participating websites to choose from a variety of interactive image applications. With the click of a mouse consumers can engage in their favorite everyday online activities such as shopping, sharing, commenting and navigating directly from the image. To exit the apps, consumers simply click to close or mouse out of the image.

Top 5 SEO optimised premium blogger templates

As every one know blogger is now one of the most powerful blogging platform. But the things is, the blog without a premium looking or something without any SEO the blog looks shabby, so I planned giving you guys a top 5 blogger templates in 2012 for free with full SEO optimized with full customization. This blogger templates are also shown with some live demo, the given below templates are arranged in the order that are most used, best one or SEO optimised.

How to create a sub-domain in all domain providers easily and host it at blogger

Hi dear readers, in this post I am going to show you how to create a sub-domain, no matter what domain provider they are and can be done without any hosting service from them. Instead here we use Blogger as hosting source. The sub-domains can be created unlimited, but without knowing most of the bloggers/domain owners do not use that free service. With this post I am going to cover all of about it with each and every single information I know along with some examples. This service can be used in all of the domain providers where they give the service called CNAME.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Option in Blogger using widgets

This is a cool trick of HTML to implement Google Adsense code by sharing right next to the post just according to the blogger who writes it and get the money for that blogger rather than all other bloggers who writes at the same site. Before sharing the Adsense revenue I would ask someone to read these conditions that Adsense Team have made.
Click here to know more about that. This method helps someone who has a blog where multiple users write there as guest post, solving a problem between the writes managing a single site.

First Of all, we need to know what Adsense Revenue Share is.

How to add a contact form for blogger blogs

Hi dear readers, now I am going to show you guys how to create a contact which notifies to you directly to your email where you can even add more than 1 email for the notification. This service is from great site 123contactforms where they support blogger, wordpress, facebook etc.
To start up with a contact form at your site, you first need to register a account there. You can do it by clicking here.
Once you do it please follow the steps given below so that you will get a contact form at your site.