How to add a contact form for blogger blogs

Hi dear readers, now I am going to show you guys how to create a contact which notifies to you directly to your email where you can even add more than 1 email for the notification. This service is from great site 123contactforms where they support blogger, wordpress, facebook etc.
To start up with a contact form at your site, you first need to register a account there. You can do it by clicking here.
Once you do it please follow the steps given below so that you will get a contact form at your site.

Step1: In dashboard click Create New Form

Step 2: Click on Contact form

Step3: Type the form name and click OK.

Step4: Click continue at top right.

Step5: If you want to add an email for notification, do add it and click save down. Now click continue again.

Step6: Towards left Click 'Embed Code' below 'Form Link'.

Step7: Copy the code below Javascript (recommended)

Step8: Got to blogger => Choose the blog where you want to add => Pages => click new page=> click blank page.

Step9: Once you created a new page type a name for it, then click on HTML, besides Compose and paste the copied code there. Click publish...

                                                      Click here to see an example

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