Monetize Blog Images With Luminate

Luminate is the leader in making images interactive. Luminate offers the world's first platform for image applications. A consumer simply mouses over any image on participating websites to choose from a variety of interactive image applications. With the click of a mouse consumers can engage in their favorite everyday online activities such as shopping, sharing, commenting and navigating directly from the image. To exit the apps, consumers simply click to close or mouse out of the image.

Google High Paying keywords 2012

Avg CPC ($)    Keyword
180       Mesothelioma
97.44    domains yahoo
79.81    domain name yahoo
68.91    dc hair laser removal washington
66.15    law lemon wisconsin
51.14    hair removal washington dc

Google Adsense address verification

Does Google send you a mail to your postal address to verify the address provided at the account once reached the verification threshold i.e. 10$?

Is the above statement true?
Well the correct answer is YES!

Add adsense for Feeds manually

Well if you do not know how to burn a feed URL to redirect adsense ads in them, then you are at the right place to know how to add them manually. Once you have your adsense account approved you will have to follow some easy steps to add the ads in the feed.

What ad sizes can be used?

Add your own ads for RSS feed

Hi dear readers, after my recent post Adsense revenue sharing sites, in that post I even added Shoutmeloud so I just went to the 'Advertise' Tab at that site and saw that a RSS feed advertisement for just 25 words was a worth of  $1000 per month, which will be sold at that rate per month by ShoutMeLoud.

Adsense revenue sharing sites

Hi guys today I am going to share a few websites that share 100% revenue. The sites which will be shared right now has got a very high pagerank with too good visitors in it. This post can help people get revenue from Adsense without owing a high traffic blog or a website.

Best revenue generating PPC site for a blog to be monetized

Today my post is for bloggers.There is no blogger in this world who would not wish to earn some bucks out from his blog so I am here posting some sites that will help blogger
These PPC or PAY PER CLICK  are some add or something like that when visitors in your blog click on will earn money or the money will be transfered to your account.

How to Make Money Recreating Expired Domains?

Every year, thousands of domain names are not renewed for some reason. Their owners either forget (or) no longer interested in running the website. Some of these domains might have generated huge amounts of traffic. This means that by creating a site of your own, you can replicate the success of the expired domain.

The first step is to identify expired domains which were attracting a significant amount of traffic. By researching online, you will find several sites where you can bid for expired domain names. Once you get a domain name, you can begin with the process of creating a website which closely resembles the one that existed preciously. When you visit these domain sites, you will be able to see a list of domains that have already expired, as well as those that are about to expire. At a glance, you will be able to see if there is anything that would interest you.

While replicating the previously existing site, make sure you don’t create an exact copy. You just need to take note of the features that made the site successful, and then building something original which is much better. When you are rebuilding an expired domain, you already have a head start, knowing how well the domain has performed in the past. By researching the topic thoroughly and doing some keyword research, you can start on a high note and begin attracting traffic from day one.

You can monetize the site by selling appropriate items from it. By joining Commission Junction, ClickBank or any other affiliate program, you can sell anything from DVDs and vacation packages to games, computer accessories and toys. You can also join the Google AdSense program, where you can make an income by getting clicks on ads displayed in your site. Contextual advertising has been a major source of income for my blog which promotes discounts and webhostingpad coupons. 

To keep your site popular, make sure you update it regularly. Add new articles now and then. Monitor the performance of your adverts and products to ensure you earn the best profits possible. If you want to build a profitable website, you will do it much faster by going for an expired domain name instead of building a new one from scratch.

Puxee Review - An Alternative to BuySellAds

The days of CPC & CPM ads are gone. Both publishers & advertisers look out for direct advertisements through sites like BuySellAds, AdvertiseSpace, etc... I see a lot of blogs running BuySellAds that simply shows people love making money online by building quality websites/blogs - a healthy blogosphere. But, I do get feedbacks saying "I got rejected from BuySellAds! What do I do? Suggest me few alternatives. When should I apply?"

This post basically deals with the answer to the former part of the question while the later is answered in this article - How To Get Approved For BuySellAds? I'm sure you would have noticed the addition of new Ad blocks on the right sidebar of my blog - these blocks are from Puxee! I just wanted to give it a try because one of my friend suggested to do so. To be very frank, I'm pretty happy to know that there is a new competition for BuySellAds. The sign up process was very simple! Just the basic details and your done!

An Activation email would be sent immediately. Once you activate your account and add your blog as a publisher, you will receive an email  in not more than 24 hours about the approval of your blog into their directory! As far as I know, if you have a pretty decent amount of traffic, they will approve you - not necessary that you meet the guidelines of BuySellAds. 

Adding sites and zones - user interface seems to be very simple. However, it needs a lot of improvement because you will not know whether you made a change or not. An example to show the flaw in their website - Just try editing your website details. When you  try to edit your website details, you click on the "Edit Website" tab available on the left.  Look at the tab available for saving at the bottom on the page that opens. This tab will remain the same before and after you make a change.

  • Simple Sign Up Process.
  • Easy Acceptance Into Their Database.
  • 75% Revenue Of Your Income. (Only 25% Commission For Puxee)
  • Easy Integration Of Ad Code - similar to BuySellAds.
  • Instant Payments Via PayPal.
  • 25% Affiliate Commission.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • An Improved Directory. 
  • Better Coding To Fetch The Details Of Publisher - Facebook Fans, FeedBurner Stats, etc...
Since the number of pros are higher than the cons for this website, I would say "Puxee is a better alternative to BuySellAds, definitely not the best!!!" I recommend the newbies to try this website so that they make some pennies out of their blog. Share your knowledge or experience about this website via  comments. We would love to hear from you!

Infolinks Review - Make Money With Infolinks

Hi friends, it's been quite long since I made a post about making money online. Though many people would be familiar with Infolinks, I just wanted to share my experience with them. To start off, you first should know what is a text link advertising? Basically, text link advertising means to advertise using the text in our blog, that is, advertiser chooses a keyword for his advertising campaign. When that keyword matches with the content on your blog, they get displayed.

It's very simple. As I said, when the keywords match, the advertisement gets displayed. When people click on these ads, you earn for every click they make. It's pretty simple to understand. To display the ads on your blog, you need to add a small piece of code on your blog. It's very simple. Once you sign up with them, you will be asked to verify your email address. After you complete the initial setup, login to the dashboard and navigate to "Integration Guide". 

Copy the code present on the "1-minute Integration" page. Now, navigate to your "Blogger Dashboard>> Design>> Edit HTML". Search for the </body> tag in your template. Paste the code "Infolinks code" on just above the </body> tag. Basically, you can paste the code any where in between the body tags but,  I prefer placing them at the bottom because scripts placed at the end will load our site faster. Meaning to say that people will see the content first and later the ads which is the right way to optimize your site. For more details on loading your page faster on blogger, you may refer to the following articles : Article 1 - How To Speed Up Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog?, Article 2 - How To Speed Up Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog?, Article 3 - Speed Up Your Blog - Tips And Tools

Infolinks offer the 4 customizations namely, the ability to change the color, style of underline (dotted or double underlined), set the maximum number of links per page, category which best suits your blog. It is pretty easy to customize. Just login to your Infolinks Dashboard and navigate to "Integration Guide>>Advanced Integration Wizard". Once you reach this page, it's going to be self explanatory. 


One main advantage with Infolinks is that you can happily run the Infolinks ad with the Google Adsense. I guarantee you that there will be no PR ban nor the cancellation of Adsense account. The other advantage would be the newly introduced related tags. You may place them below every post or below the title of your post or below the navigation bar to increase your earnings by more than 30%.


One main drawback with Infolinks is that they don't match exactly with the content of our blog rather they match with the normal words in our blog. To illustrate this, consider the following example. I found the word "matching" that displays a link to "", which is completely not in match with my blog's content. This is the only drawback which I found about Infolinks.

If you know more about Infolinks, please share your view via comments. Comments are always appreciated and we always love to hear from you!!!

How To Get Approved For BuySellAds?

Hi friends!! I'm very excited to know that my blog "Everything About Blogging | Free Premium Blogger Templates" got approved by BuySellAds. I opened my inbox today and found a mail stating that "Your Site Is Approved On BuySellAds". It's a Diwali surprise for me. To all those who do not know about BuySellAds, it is basically an Ad Agency that supports direct advertising but they accept only quality sites. So, what do I mean by quality sites?
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (as mentioned on BuySellAds):
  • Greater than 100K impressions per month (for new sites, if you (or your team) have a history of creating really nice websites we will accept you)
  • Your website must be live, finished, and have fresh content.
  • Your website must contain custom domain (eg., we don't accept sub domains (eg.
  • No porn, anything illegal, or containing even remotely "questionable" content.
  • If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, we're not going to approve you.
  • Getting denied does not mean that we will not approve you at a future date.
The most important points to consider in the criteria listed are the second and the last point. The first one is a keyhole to the newbies and the last one gives you space to submit your site again and again. Do you think I got my site approved on the first attempt? Definitely not!!!  I got it approved at the fifth attempt. So, what do they expect from you, in other words, what should your blog/site possess to get approved by BuySellAds?

As far as I know, you need to maintain a site design that is simple, professional and clean. If you mess up with the widgets and alignment, I'm sure they will not approve you. Make sure that you get your Alexa Rank below 200K, less than 100K would definitely help (Learn more about increasing your Alexa Rank here - 5 Methods To Increase Your Alexa Rank). The next important criteria is that you need to have enough Yahoo! Inbound Links (or) Google PR which is measure of Google backlinks (Learn more about increasing backlinks here - How To Increase Backlinks To My Blog?). 

You should also make sure that your site has got a compete rank(optional). The last but not the least, you should have a minimum of  10,000 pageviews to get the approval. This has become mandatory for new sites because they ask you to add them as a temporary user to access your Google Analytics account and they personally verify whether you satisfy their minimum requirements or not.

I cannot guarantee that your site will be accepted if you satisfy the above mentioned conditions. How ever, I'm pretty sure your blog/site should possess the above criteria. In short, the conditions are necessary but not sufficient. However, if you wish to advertise on my site, then visit the following page for more details - Details About Premium Blogger Templates.

AdvertiseSpace Review | Make Money with AdvertiseSpace

It has been a long time since, I posted some stuff related to money making. May be it is because, I don't make any money out of this blog right now. But, I know my blog's potential and its reach. Many bloggers have faced the same problem which I face now. I would say this is the testing time for my blog and I believe I can overcome the existing scenario. At present, I have set a goal of 100$ per month and I strive hard to make it. I feel, this site "AdvertiseSpace" will make some contribution to that short term goal.
As I said earlier, I had been struggling for the past few weeks to bring back the reputation and traffic which my blog had earlier, when it was on the blogspot domain. But, believe me or not, I got a mail from the Marketing Manager of Advertise Space. It stated as follows,
"We came across your site and we think you have a fantastic Blogging tips blog there, and would like to personally invite you to test out as an additional revenue source for your blog. Some blogs who have been trying our new advertising system have sold out their ad space within 24 hours. We think that some of our advertisers would love your site as well. Your site has been pre-approved by our team, so please feel free to register here, and we will make sure to accept the site right away."
The above statements inspired me and still inspires me to improve my blog. It gives me a sense that the approach towards improving my blog is correct. It has triggered the fire in me and I am constantly trying to increase the visitors and readership for my blog. Although I have not yet made any amount with Advertise Space, I recommend everyone to give it a try.

Above all, do not weigh them on the lower side just because they took the first step to sign up publishers like me. If that's running in your mind, then please chuck it off!! They wish to serve quality ads to their advertisers. So, they are fishy and want to be more specific in approving blogs to their database.

They pay through PayPal on weekly basis and the minimum amount to cash out is $25. More over, the site includes a featured listing (VIP blogs) where in, only the best blogs under each category are displayed to the advertiser. Once, you get into that list, it is clear that some day or the other, an advertiser would approach your blog. Before you sign up, ensure that your blog has enough content and reasonable traffic so that, your blog has a higher probability for approval.

I would say, this site is very similar to BuySellAds excepting that the procedure to approve our blogs is little different. The site clearly states that, "Acceptance will be based on: original content, number of readers and user engagement, rather than Google PR, Alexa, ComScore and other marketing analytics." Therefore, no harm in trying. Just give it a shot and share your views via comments!!! Don't forget to let me know, which website generates more penny for your blog now:)

TextLinkAds(TLA) Review

It's been long since I had made a post here. I hope I post more frequently than before from now. Anyway, this post does not contain any referral link to TextLinkAds and I am not here to promote them either. Meaning to say, don't think it is a sponsored post. I just express my views about them in this post. In case you want to show TextLinkAds that Everything About Blogging sent you, then please use the 125 x 125 banner ad in the sidebar.

It has been few months since TextLinkAds accepted bloggers(sites hosted through in them. I never gave them a try simply because I earned quite good with LinkWorth and did not mix up various ad units in my site. In the month of February, I lost the advertiser through LinkWorth. I waited for some other opportunity through them but never found one. So, I thought "Why not try out TextLinkAds??? " And I signed up with them.To be very frank, I got an advertiser requesting me to put his ad on the second day of joining. That shows how big the advertiser database is.text-link-ads-panelLet me straight away highlight the advantages and disadvantages. Let us go about the advantages first. Initially, TextLinkAds did not accept sites that are hosted at blogger but now, they have started accepting them. So, that is an advantage. Next, they got a very huge database and once you are accepted, it is guaranteed that you will make money with them. Thirdly, you will not have any confusions about the Publisher Control Panel. They are very simple and user friendly. The next advantage would be that, they support various modes of payment and as always, it is pretty comfortable for us to choose PayPal. Lastly, a very fast and efficient support center that will answer your queries within 24 hours.

Now, the disadvtages go this way. They accept sites that have pretty huge amounts of traffic and not the beginners. This reduces the morale of the blossoming bloggers. Secondly, they do not support other multiple advertisment agencies. For example, if you are publisher and you serve ads for LinkWorth and you want to do the same with TextLinkAds, it is not possible. Thirdly, the commision they take is quite high(50%) when compared to LinkWorth(only 30%). Overall, it is a good site to try out to add a litle more penny to your PayPal accounts (Conditons Apply: Your blog should posses a pretty decent traffic :) ).

Tweetbucks Review

tweetbucksI recently came across this site while surfing through EasyHits4U. The site name is "Tweetbucks". I went through this site and thought this will be useful for my readers to make some money online while they tweet through Twitter.

What should I do to make money with Tweetbucks? Very Simple!! Just shorten any URL that you going to tweet using Tweetbucks and then tweet them. So, when a follower of yours click on that particular link, you make money for that click. It is similar to Pay Per Click but not exactly the same. You also get a commission in every successful purchase made on the advertisements.

Though I have not yet tried Tweetbucks personally, I think this site looks promising and in the future, I will give this one also a try. I think you can earn money with this site provided, you either tweet a lot or have a large followers following you. You can cash out your payments through PayPal once you reach $25 and they clear the payouts the end of the month. It is mentioned on their FAQ's page, that they clear the payments on the last business day of the month.

Moreover, they offer a affiliate program where you earn 10% of the referral earnings from your referrals for 6 months. I think this site is constantly on the path of growth and I expect this site will bring out more methods to make money online. Overall, there is nothing to lose with this site. If you feel you can make money with your blog, then I assure you that your blog will be your gold mine. Try to find out which program suits your blog. Who knows?? Tweetbucks may be the one for you!! So, what you waiting for?? Give it a try!!!

Make Money with Smowtion

I recently joined a new site namely Smowtion. This is a new blog monetization opportunity for all new bloggers. I recommend every blogger to install this on their site. Not only the newbies, even sites that get very good traffic. Simply because, Smowtion pays every blogger per impression. Basically, it works with CPM, CPC and CPA ad types. All put together will lead to eCPM which is Effective Cost Per Mile.
There is no need to confuse with all the technical terms mentioned above. It just means you get paid for every 1000 impressions. In fact, the main advantage of this site is easy installation and once installed, you will find banner ads running in your site. More over, they offer PayPal as a mode of payment. This is another advantage when compared to Adbrite.

Some of the best features about this site includes revenue per page view. I mean every page view of your site counts. Since, every page view counts even the slightest amount of traffic that your blog gets will earn money for you. Secondly, the customer service is really very good. The service includes live chat, email, etc... Thirdly, they offer a referral plan where you earn 5% of the revenue earned by your referral for the first six months. Lastly, they have got a user friendly panel that will help you navigate easily throughout the site.

The site clearly says that it is compatible with Google and you may run these ads in parallel with your Google Adsense Ads. The only disadvantage with this site is that we cannot personalize the advertisements and this company is fairly in the new stage. Overall, I feel Smowtion seems like a very good opportunity for all new bloggers. Join now and start making money with your blog now.

Make Money with Adgitize

Many of my blogger friends want to earn money just to display a banner just like the direct income from an advertiser. But the truth is, it is really impossible to get an advertiser for your new blog. Any advertiser will expect a decent amount of traffic to his/her site. This is not possible with a new blog. Thus, if you have ad spaces in your blog waiting for an advertiser to contact you, I am sure it will remain the same through out.

What should I do to fill my Ad spaces? One simple solution. You need to check out Adgitize. Though I have no personal experience of this site, I feel this site will for sure fill your ad spaces with ads. They accept all the blogs except one with jokes and articles. The earnings here is pretty confusing because they say they give you points and that points can be converted into cash. I will be able to get a clear view only after I join this site. How ever, you may visit the FAQ page of their site for better understanding.

There is one good thing about this site that I can guarantee you. I am sure that they will not ban your account saying fraudulent clicks because, that has been the main consideration for them to launch their site. I feel this will be a very good alternative for all bloggers who want to fill their vacant ad spaces and may be it will add some cash if you have some traffic. The only ad slots that the publisher should provide for the advertiser is 468x60 and 125x125.

Other major advantage of this site is it offers a very low payout that is a minimum payout of 10$ through PayPal. So, it is quite easy if you find the technique to earn with this site. I also heard that they pay for blog page views and then even for each article you write in your blog. That's a pretty good news for all the newbies. Though I am not clear about this site at present, I will try to crack a secret way of earning with this site, like the one with LinkWorth through LinkWords. (Let me know the secret to earn with LinkWorth). So, please do check my blog for later post about this site. Hope all new bloggers make money out of this site too!!

LinkWorth Review

I make it very clear that this post is not a sponsored post and it is just my view on LinkWorth. This site is really worth joining for all the new bloggers, provided they have some good traffic and monetize their blog as per the requirements of LinkWorth. There is no minimum requirement for your blog to get approved by them. So what do I mean by LinkWorth requirements? I mean you need to insert few keywords that will make money through LinkWords(Click here to find the secret with LinkWords).

This method is just to display a Text Ad as per the request of advertiser. You earn money just to display that link for a period of time. It is so simple but it is really difficult to get LinkAds deal, simply because the advertiser will expect his post published on a good traffic site and not on a new site(that too with blog spot domain).
This is simply a paid post. You need to publish a post in your blog about the advertiser site and once it gets approved from LinkWorth, you earn money. I will explain about this in my later posts. Even this method is quite difficult.
This is the best method as far as I know which will help you make a lot of money quickly. However, you need some good traffic to your site(Learn how to improve your traffic). Once you mention the keywords as per in this link(LinkWords Secret), you can easily make money.

LinkWorth does offer a lot of money making opportunities like LinkInTxt, LinkBB, LinkMura, LinkDir, LinkArt, LinkPress,etc... Their minimum payout through PayPal is 25$. You can achieve this easily within 2 months. I will post my Payment Proofs once I receive my payouts from them. They have also announced in their recent blog posts that they will soon be bringing out banner ads. Join Now

EasyHits4U Review

I wanted to share this site(EasyHits4U) for all the new bloggers so that they get better traffic to their site and more over, it makes their blog visible at the top of Google Search. For example, you can search in Google for the following keyword "Pay4Surf Review" and you can find my blog at the first. I am very sure that everyone will love to see their site listed at the top place in Google.
How to achieve this? This is where EasyHits4U comes into play. Though you generate a false traffic initially, after you reach the top of Google Search, there is no problem at all. What ever traffic you generate after that will be a genuine one. Firstly, you need to post genuine content on your blog. Secondly, use EasyHits4U and blast the traffic to that particular post(particular link).

Here goes the features of EasyHits4U. It is basically manual surfing site, completely free to join that works on 1:1 exchange ratio, that is for every site you surf, you gain that many visits to your site back. So, for example if you can surf 50 sites daily, then you gain 50 visits to your site. You need to visit each site for 20 seconds in this case. If you want credits and cash for your surfing, then you can go in for 2:1 exchange ratio. In this method, you get 0.3$ for 1000 sites viewed and for each visit, you 0.5 credits. Hence if you visit 2 sites, then one person visits your site back.

You may promote up to 10 sites and there is no limit in case banner promotions. You can submit as many banners as possibles and increase the traffic to your site. They have also got an interesting 5 level referral program. More over, you can submit your site in their directory which also increase traffic for your site. Apart from all this, they give out so many bonus for the surfers. I hope very one can use this site and blast the traffic to their blog. Click here to join now.

Make Money with Ask2Link

This post features about Ask2Link- a new site that helps you make more money from your blog. I prefer you to join this one provided you are banned from various other alternatives that I provided. My ratings for the various alternatives of Google Adsense will be LinkWorth(best), Adbrite(best), Bidvertiser(better) and then this one(Ask2Link) will stand as better while Project Wonderful will stand as the last one.

You may check out the reviews for each one of them here - LinkWorth, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, ProjectWonderful. This new site(Ask2Link) attracted me because it is an effortless job to make money with your blog provided, you have some good Alexa Ranking(less than 2,000,000) or a Google page rank of 1 (Click Here to improve your page rank). You just need to sign up with their program and provide a space for the advertiser to put his Text Ads and you earn money. There is nothing like Pay-Per-Click.

Why Ask2Link? Firstly, there is no minimum payout. The moment you make some money, you can get the payment on the first of next month through PayPal. Secondly, you see non-intrusive static text links with your blog. So, it means your blog will not be completely covered with text ads that will distract the user who is reading your content. Lastly, simple site navigation and user control is provided for all the publishers. Site submission and various other processes are user-friendly. Moreover, they accept both word press and blog spot domains.

I hope the above points truly hold good for this site. However, I am not sure if Google will be ban your page rank when you advertise text links through site. So, bloggers who feel page rank is more important, it is better you stay away from this site but those who want to make money some how from their blog, they can always join such programs to add a little cash into their PayPal Account. Click here to join now

Make Money with myLot

I have joined one recent site, namely myLot. This site is an excellent money making site provided you spend sometime with the site. I joined few days before. I just started a discussion and few of them replied. I could see that I made some 0.04$. It is that easy and you get various genuine replies for your questions raised.

There are various ways by which you can make money in this site. As far as I know, these are some of the methods. Firstly, you create a discussion and wait for the responses. Secondly, your active participation in other's discussion which simply means you need to post comments on other discussions. Thirdly, you can make money online by posting articles or reviews. This will fetch more earnings provided many of them read your content.

The other method is to upload photos. There may be some other ways too. After I get to know about them, will let you know about them. This site will attract a lot of people who wanted to make something out of their PC's. Also, it will attract those who got banned by Google Adsense and other Alternatives.(Check out the various methods to Earn Money Through Blog)

Also they have a very interesting referral offer. You earn 25% of the referral earnings. So, if your referral makes some 10$, then you earn 2.5$ without any work of yours. I feel this will make many of them promote their site too!! So what are you waiting for? Join myLot now