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Hi guys today I am going to share a few websites that share 100% revenue. The sites which will be shared right now has got a very high pagerank with too good visitors in it. This post can help people get revenue from Adsense without owing a high traffic blog or a website.

How does it work?

The sites allow you to show your Google Adsense Ads on their site.
When you register with the revenue sharing sites, you can add your Google Adsense Code to your profile. And, once your Adsense Code is attached to your profile, they will automatically show your ad next to something you write.

What sizes are used by them?

There are large variety of ad size in adsense but only some of them are used, the usually are 728 x 90 (leaderboard) and a square (250 x 250).

Here I am listing the 6 such websites where you a revenue share.

1. Indyarocks

It is an image, video, blog sharing site, which posts your ads on the shared pages and shares with you 100% Adsense revenue generated from the contents you share.

2. SheToldme

It’s the best way to earn from adsense.Here, Instead of writing,  you have to share articles – i.e, this is a social bookmarking site like Digg and reddit.Through this site, You can promote your blog and also earn from adsense.You can even earn money by sharing the articles of others.

3. Articleplot is a 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing website. Once you join our free Article Directory all you have to do is enter your Adsense PubID in your account settings and every article you write your adsense block will show in the premium top right location 100% percent of the time. This is a great way to promote your business and also make extra money with adsense.

4. Simpy

It is also another social bookmarking site just as SheToldMe.It also allows 100% Adsense revenue sharing to the contributors. Here too you can promote your blog or earn by other’s contents.

5. ShoutMeLoud

I think that there is no need to describe ShoutMeLoud.You can earn money from your posts in ShoutmeLoud through.

6. Docstoc
With DocCash you can earn a recurring and passive income from your documents. Just sign up and upload as many documents as you want, and you don't have to lift another finger. It's fast and free to start, and effortless to maintain.

So this is it, well there were other two of the sites which were sharing 100% of revenue but Adsense removed them from it's API but don't know why.
They were Filxya and Yousaytoo (the best of the above)
If you know any other sites sharing 100% revenue please comment below about them so that each and every reader can get more info about it.

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