Today I am listing 13 sites offering free domain names these domain names are useful for your websites ,to give them a professional look,so here are the lists of sites that provide you the free domain names.

co.tv provides free domain regsitration service. You can register all available domain names instantly. They offers free or paid dynamic dns service with full MX, CNAME, A and SOA records. The service they provide is exactly same as .co.cc. Register on .cz.cc


Tokelau or .tk allows any individual to register domain names. Users may register domain names free of charge (with some restrictions). In addition to the name itself, users can opt to forward their web traffic using HTML frames and their email traffic, with a maximum of 250 addresses per user log in, or use full DNS service, either via their own or third-party servers, or by using DoT TK's servers. Visit them here.

Check my other post to know how to configure DNS for.tk domains


CC.CC offers simple, memorable custom domain for Google Apps, Blogger, etc.. This site provides the domain name registration tools and DNS setup wizard.

You can configure your .cc.cc Domain for Blogger, Gmail, Google sites, Tumblr, Bandcamp, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.. The service is provided at no cost, no ads. Enjoy our free service!
visit them


.co.nr has free domain name package was designed to provide domain name free, subdomain services mainly for advanced internet users, who have some basic knowledge about the DNS (Domain Name System) and process of setting up name servers as well as other DNS records (NS, A, MX, CNAME, TXT, etc.) for the domain name to work properly. Also it provides sub domain hosting, i.e. sub domain.domain.co.nr. Visit them.


Smartdots.com is one of them who provide variety of domain names. One of the famous domain people owns from smartdots is .net.tc. Besides these you can have other domain names listed in their website. They supports variety of features, like meta tag generator, automatic search engine submission, etc. To know more about their features visit them.


co.tv is strong yet free domain registration service provider. You are limited upto 3 domains with single user account. Like .co.cc, .co.tv also supports full MX, CNAME, A and SOA records. Register on co.tv


here is it.....

This is also one of the very famous free domain name services. The best thing about uni.cc domains is that they give free DNS Service like TLD domains and a free site builder tool. They also provide Domain Name Redirection and do not provide any services like hosting, mail or FTP services at this time.
You.c-o.in, You.c-o.cc, You.coz.in, You.cq.bz

 another cost free and very effective URL Redirection service that offers free sub domain forwarding in four different formats. You can easily visit the service website and choose any of the available sub domains to forward to your webpage or site.
You.int.tc, You.waaa.ws

Found this recently while surfing the web. Indeed a great service just like other domain forwarding and url redirection services

You.net.tf, You.us.tf, You.eu.tf, You.de.tf

Similar to the service introduced above but with more than 15 different Flavors for Domain Forwarding


Thanx to Guillermo BT about informing me about his Free URL Redirection and Free DNS service. The service is one of the free services which offer Domain Forwarding for free. You get a domain like http://mypage.fadlan.com with path forwarding and three redirect flavors. The service also offers Free DNS which means you can run your own web server on a sub domain if you have a static IP address.
Get a fadlan.com Domain Now
Over at Afraid.org they offer you multiple domain names on which you can get a sub domain for yourself. All you have to do is sign up to their services and then they provide you with a tool to update your IP redirection. There is a limit of 50 Subdomains per user account. Can be used for Free DNS Hosting, Domain Hosting, Dynamic/Static DNS Hosting etc
You.net.tc, You.us.tc, You.pro.tc, You.de.tc
Another service that gives you over 10 flavors of URL Redirection and Domain Forwarding
Friends hope you enjoyed my free domain name list.Don't forget to comment!!!!! take care


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