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Hi dear readers, after my recent post Adsense revenue sharing sites, in that post I even added Shoutmeloud so I just went to the 'Advertise' Tab at that site and saw that a RSS feed advertisement for just 25 words was a worth of  $1000 per month, which will be sold at that rate per month by ShoutMeLoud.
But I had a confusion how could he be able to show ads of his own at RSS feed. ShoutMeLoud runs in wordpress platform, which I am not so fond of.
I got cool new trick to show ads of our own in RSS feed in Blogger platform. Well this is a very easy trick, but you have to follow some steps to succeed in this. For this you have use HTML tags. i have given some examples of HTML tags below that can be added to your RSS feed burner.

HTML codes:

For Text Ads:

 <a href="http://SITE URL">WORDS</a>

For Image Ads:

<a href="http://Site URL" target=_blank><img src="http://IMAGE URL.png" border="0" /></a>

For text with image ads:

<a href="http://SITE URL" target="_blank"><img alt="TEXT" border="0" height="60" src="Image URL" width="380" /></a>

If you want to add a PTC referral banners, text, etc you can use the same HTML codes provided by them, that would work either.

Where to add these HTML codes to show your ads? (this only works for blogger platform)

i. First go to your blogger dashboard and click on the site which you want to add the code. (if you have many and make sure you are using the 'new blogger interface')

ii. Now go to 'settings' tab and click on 'other'.

iii. Under Site feed click 'Add' next to 'Post Feed Footer'.

iv. Now add any code snippet there, click save settings above towards right and get new referrals, visitors to your ads, etc.
This works great if you have too many subscribers.

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