Best revenue generating PPC site for a blog to be monetized

Today my post is for bloggers.There is no blogger in this world who would not wish to earn some bucks out from his blog so I am here posting some sites that will help blogger
These PPC or PAY PER CLICK  are some add or something like that when visitors in your blog click on will earn money or the money will be transfered to your account.
so here are some:

                                   TOP PAY PER CLICK NETWORK  TO EARN MONEY

Yes, Google Adsense is always the first name that any blogger also think of when want to make money from blogging with PPC form. Bloggers believe that Google Adsense is the best way to earn revenue from blog. Many well-known blogger earned big money from Google Adsense like Darren Rowse .Why do not we try to make money with Google Adsense !

AdBrite is a PPC ad network was rated fairly high, with multiple ad formats to choose from such as banner ads, In-line ads. AdBrite only acceptable form of payment is by check, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to received check when you reach the payment threshold (minimum $5). A pity that the program referral of AdBrite was to retire. This significantly reduces the income of the blogger.

BidVertiser is a other PPC ad network, free for everyone to sign up and there is no minimum amount of hits a site should receive before qualifying, hence it’s ideal for anyone who is just starting up. Another great advantage of BidVertiser over AdSense is its low $10 payout limit.

Smowtion is a PPC Ad-Network, compatible with other ad networks such as Google Adsense or Text Link Ads. You can place ads Smowtion with Google Adsense ads, Text Link Ads without fear of conflict. This ad network is a form of payment is quite rich, it pays you through PayPal, check or ATM card. The minimum payout is $100USD, in all transactions.

Clicksor is a ad network that supports multiple formats such as CPM, CPC, Popup, In-line ads; Supports a variety of websites from warez, hack, crack to xxx, adult … Fast payment via PayPal 2 times per month, the minimum is $ 50. However, the number slightly less advertising and can slow your blog.

Text Link Ads is a site to help you sell a few links on the articles in a certain period of time to make money. Depending on the rank of the blog and the content of each article. One thing to note when joining this site and a number of consequences that can happen is that Google does not like this ad format. Text-Link-Ads accept payment through PayPal and Check, most recently is Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

This is a advertising programs product like CJ, ShoppingAds … but differs in that Chitika is paying for the clicks that your blog provides and commissions for each product you sell. Also, you can also earn extra income through the Referral Program. This is the ad network is highly rated, especially high-traffic sites from the U.S. and Canada can make a lot of money with this advertising network.

Infolinks is a PPC ad networks support a single format is the In-line ads, it allows you to make money without spending any pixel to place ads. Infolinks ads will show up on a box when a visitor to a drag over link that Infolinks underlined. This is very good option for the Bloggers to earn good amount of money..

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