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Luminate is the leader in making images interactive. Luminate offers the world's first platform for image applications. A consumer simply mouses over any image on participating websites to choose from a variety of interactive image applications. With the click of a mouse consumers can engage in their favorite everyday online activities such as shopping, sharing, commenting and navigating directly from the image. To exit the apps, consumers simply click to close or mouse out of the image.

Luminate's platform currently offers the following categories of apps publishers can choose from:
Social - Unique Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Email sharing apps that give consumers the power to select precisely what they want inside an image and share it with others.
Information - An app called Annotation that allows publishers to quickly and easily tag & comment on any spot within an image.
Commerce - The Products in the Picture app, which enables consumers to mouse over the image and interact with products identified in the image.
Advertising - An app that offers publishers a seamless way to place relevant advertisements within an image.
Public Service - An app called Causes that provides consumers the ability to quickly donate to worthy causes, especially in times of crisis and need.
Media - Apps like Amazon Music, YouTube Trailers and Netflix Videos provide consumers with a connection to media related to the artist or actor in the image.
Navigation - An assortment of search-based apps to provide additional information on people or things in the image.
And many more!

Luminate will automatically filter out images from a publisher's site that:
Are less than 200px wide or 200px tall
Come from a list of known Ad Servers
Have an aspect ratio of less than 4:1 or 1:4 (to filter out advertisements and banners)
If a publisher is using other JavaScript technologies to display images, such as slideshows, lazy-load scripts or lightboxes, those images may not be compatible with Luminate's technology.

Please note:
Luminate works best on larger images that are a key content pieces of a publisher's site.
Images must also adhere to the Publisher Guidelines for appropriate content.
A publisher is solely responsible for ensuring they have the necessary rights in or to all photographs and images on their site.

Minimum Payout: minimum payout is $10

Payment Options: Luminate offers you two payment options: you can receive a paper check in the mail or a payment via PayPal.

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