4 Simple Tips To Jumpstart Your Writing

Writing a blog entry is not the same as writing an academic paper. It should not be too long or excessively detailed. It should be informative and something people would actually want to read. This being said let us go through these simple tips can get you over that dry spell and jumpstart your way to a new blog entry.

Before pounding those keyboards, lead your mind into that “writing zone” by reading. A simple poem or short story can do the trick. You can even try an audio book. Try doing this and you will notice that writing comes naturally. You can just breeze through your way to writing. Just like when running, you need some warming up before everything becomes smooth. The mind needs some warming up too so it does not cramp in the middle of writing.

There is this stage called pre-writing where you outline your blog entry. This is important because it places your thoughts in order so they can flow coherently when you write. It is like creating a map instead of going through a hit or miss process. This saves time and prevents the frustration of realizing that you have forgotten to include some important details.

One of the most effective pre-writing strategies is bulletin the major points you want to address then re-arranging it according to its best order. This is a simple way of providing yourself with a map for writing.

Naturally, you read your whole work after it is done but there is a better way to improve your entry. When you’re done writing, close your laptop, take some time off and just leave everything behind. Then go back to what you were working on a few hours later. This time you will not be too inside your head and will know what to keep and change. This is called aesthetic distancing—you will not see what is ugly until you are in the right distance to see it.

Don’t skip the editing process just because you’re too lazy to do so. Your excellence as a writer can be seen in the smallest details so be meticulous of your own work.

You are actually not the best person to see if there’s dirt at the back of your shirt. After writing, ask a friend to take an objective look at your blog entry. Don’t be afraid of criticism or else you’ll stand to miss out on some points that really need changing. It is important that you never lose yourself in getting an opinion. Remember that you still have a final say on what goes live on you blog.

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I'm a travel writer and it's sometimes a bit of a struggle to get going. I find that one thing that always does the trick is a little bit of visual stimulation. I look at pictures of what I'm writing about and it seems to bring the situation back to life. It does the trick every time. Another trick is to pack a notepad with you at all times so that when that inspiration hits you there's a way to get it on paper instantly.

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