Positive Effects Of Blog Commenting

There are many SEO and blogging techniques which help in improving a blog’s online presence as well as their search engine rankings, especially on Google. One such effective way is “Blog Commenting” - it is a process where a reader or visitor coming to your blog leaves a comment on the article posted in your blog.

Let's see how blog commenting plays a vital role in making your blog a popular one.

Blog commenting helps in gaining good quality, do-follow back links for your blog (see how to turn your blog blogger blog dofollow), which further help in generating traffic. It helps in striking a conversation with other commentators, which help in building relations with your readers.
This way, a one time visitor can become a regular visitor of your blog.

Find blogs similar to your niche, as the readers of those blogs are the kind of visitors you are looking for. Visit those blogs and leave valuable comments on posts you like, this will help you expertise in your niche community and to make the others visit your blog. Commenting on a similar niche blog helps in driving traffic towards your own blog.

Many blogs using commentluv and keywordluv allow you placing your keyword along with your name. Here you can place that keyword for which you want to increase your search engine rankings. As blogs using comment plug-ins gives you do follow links from your keywords.

  • Do not write comments which do not make any sense and/or are not useful to anyone.
  • Do not Spam. Read the article. Later, write a comment that adds more content to the existing one.
  • Do not make off topic comments which take the discussion to some other direction.
  • Do not try to put links in your comments. If mentioned then only leave your keywords.
Do not forget to comment on your own blog. Respond to each and every comment made on your article. If your readers get a feel that their comments are being ignored, they will not bother to visit your blog again. Answer the queries posted by your readers with a solution. Check each comment made on your blog, approve and post the relevant one. This is the best way to keep a check on the spammers too.

So, what you waiting for? Search the best blogs in your niche, comment on them wisely and see the increase in visitors of your blog. Share your opinions via comments below!

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Sarah said on March 23, 2012 at 6:57 PM :

Thank you for you informative post, I never quiet saw the purpose of commenting on other blogs if you have SEO campaigns running. But after reading your article and can now understand the purpose of it a bit more.

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Thank you very much for providing such an informative article.
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