How to get great traffic from US, UK etc

Hi guys I am here, today with a cool trick of the HTML codes which may help you get great kinda traffic to your site from a particular country without any defects to your site/blog for sure. But this trick has also got some effects to your blog and keep this in mind that this not not any kind of sh!t fake traffic generators or online traffic exchange program that are used in PTC and other traffic exchange site only. But  this directly works with all the search engines (even Google, Yahoo) in which your site has been indexed.

How this works?
If the 'Home' of your blog is set along with its place where it is from then it get most of the visitors only from that place where the blog is currently living or where it's place is set. But if we change the Geo Location of the Blog to any place which you want the best traffic from, then you would get this trick working 100% fine with any blogs. This can be done by changing the Geo Location through the META TAGS of the site, either for US, UK or any other place you will get tons of visitors from the Home side itself. 

Why only selected home country have more traffic?
Since most of the blog readers, googlers, geeks, etc change the country towards the left of Google search and try to get the blog posts only from the country they are living. This actually is done by the most of the
internet users of US. So to get the traffic only from the US you have change the Geo Location to US.

Before I share the HTML code with you guys I would like to say some effects that may cause to your blogs as a warning before use....

The main effects that may cause to your blog/site is that the blog gets traffic from home countries than other countries for e.g. if you change the Geo location to US and then have a post which is searched by the Indians then this may change the position of your site in google either to fifth or third as my other blog faces for Indian user since its location is US. Well it gets more users from US only than India, and even makes my revenue go high in Adsense.

The code required...... place it along with you META tags, works fine no other than the above mentioned effects to your blog.

<meta content='COUNTRY' name='geo.region'/>
<meta content='PLACE IN THE COUNTRY' name='geo.placename'/>
<meta content='90;0' name='geo.position'/>

let the third line be as it actually is... Make sure you submit the site once again to the Google Search Engine so that they can update your site Geo location and help you get more traffic to your site from the mentioned countries by you in the META.
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