3 Great Apps To Write Or Edit Blog Posts On Android Powered Smartphone Or Tablet

Mobile computing is the wave of the future and for those of us who have trouble in finding time to sit in front of a computer to write or edit a blog post it can be a godsend. Here are three mobile applications for Android powered smartphones and tablets that will help you write and edit blog posts more easily while your on the go.

Swype is an amazing new keyboard technology that doubles the speed with which people can enter text on a touch screen. Swype works by sliding your finger over the letters that make up a word rather than pressing each button individually. So for example, rather than typing “expert” by tapping each letter in sequence you simply drag your finger tip over each letter. The program is remarkably good at figuring out the word your going for. Not only does Swype save time, but it's also far more accurate while on a bumpy train or bus. Swype comes pre-installed on most Android devices but if it isn’t on yours, it can be found completely free with a quick Google search.

The Google Docs App works as a sort of hub and provides a better mobile interface for organizing your uploaded documents. Simply clicking on the document opens it in the browser so that you can keep writing or editing it on your phone or tablet as easily as on a computer. Another cool feature is that if you begin to type a blog post on Google Docs and save it. Well, you can get back home and log on to your computer to pick up directly from where you left off. Google Docs can be accessed on any Android device by logging in with the browser but the free application available from the market is a much better and faster option.

As convenient and easy as Google Docs is to use on mobile devices, chances are there where you’re unable to get a service or sometimes, without an access to the Internet. For those instances, think free office is the best mobile office suit for Android. Think free gives you the same powerful tools you’re used to, for editing word and excel documents on your smartphone or tablet. Think Free Office also gives you the option to log in to your Google account and download your documents so that they are all there and ready for you if ever you need them and there isn’t an internet connection available. Think Free Office can be downloaded from the Android market at no cost.

I have enlisted only a few options for mobile computing. If you know better about mobile computing and the associated apps for it, well, you can share your knowledge via comments. We would love to hear from you!!!