Get Mashable Sharing Widget For Free with Google+ and new search box for blogger blogs

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Hi guys as every one knows these days the Mashable sharing widget or subscriber widget for the blogs are very hot to be seen and look well equipped social box with some cool subscription rates going high well with this post you can also get the same kind of sharing widget as shown in the image beside even at your blog.

To do this you just need to follow these two below steps to get the box live at your blog.

Google High Paying keywords 2012

Avg CPC ($)    Keyword
180       Mesothelioma
97.44    domains yahoo
79.81    domain name yahoo
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Best Related Post Widget for Blogger with full customization help

Related post widget always help us to reduce bounce rate and increase visitors time on the site. Related post are always shown at end of article to engage readers. In Blogger, there are no official widget available. nRelate is a free tool that adds related post widget to blogger even in wordpress or any other site. In this post I will only show you how to add  Customizable Related Post Widget for Blogger using nrelate.

Now play with Lego in chrome

Google has partnered with Lego Australia to allow users to build objects using the popular plastic blocks right from within their browser. You can choose from a multitude of different building blocks, and build anything that you can think up. Not only that, but your creation isn’t randomly floating around the internet, instead assigned a virtual plot of land in Australia using Google Maps.

How to get great traffic from US, UK etc

Hi guys I am here, today with a cool trick of the HTML codes which may help you get great kinda traffic to your site from a particular country without any defects to your site/blog for sure. But this trick has also got some effects to your blog and keep this in mind that this not not any kind of sh!t fake traffic generators or online traffic exchange program that are used in PTC and other traffic exchange site only. But  this directly works with all the search engines (even Google, Yahoo) in which your site has been indexed.

Top 5 Blogging Platform which I recommend

Blogging Platform are those site which help you to implement  and run a successful blog for you. Today, in this world I am using blogger/blogspot platform which is also used by most of the bloggers, which now stands at second place due to some of it's errors at SEO. But at first Wordpress which help the bloggers get one of the best SEO for their blog with some of the meta's stuff, etc.