The All New Blogger Dashboard and Design

Blogger today released the new design & interface for its dashboard which can be realized only on Blogger In Draft. It's a common methodology that is adopted by Google to test the new interface on Blogger In Draft and later, update to the main site. Note that this update will be visible only to a few randomly picked users while the rest will be updated soon!

It is clearly stated that there is no activation or sign-up process is required to get the new UI (User Interface) for your dashboard. Fear not, you will soon be updated with new interface - probably within a couple of weeks time. First reason why you did not have the new design - may be your blog is very new. Second Reason - Since the update is a complete redesign from the scratch, it becomes very difficult for the blogger team to make the new UI available to all its users. You may read more about the new UI here - Official Blogger Blog.

The new design looks more sleek and takes very little time to load when compared to the age old blogger editor. The second advantage with respect to the new design is the ability to translate or define within the post editor using the Define/Translate icon. A number of issues have been solved while the other features which are yet to come are as follows.

Updates to previous issues:
  • The “You have unsaved changes” error message after post publishing has been fixed.
  • The Labels button now changes status after labels get added. We've also added the labels list and “Click to add” function.
  • We've added the “Number of posts to show in one page” option.
  • We've fixed the “Back to Blogger” link on the Template Designer.
  • We've updated scheduled posting.
  • We've fixed the Javascript error on the image uploading from Edit HTML tab of Pages.
  • We've also made a variety of other small updates to the user interface.
A few things we're still working on:
  • The option to Show/Hide blog list on Global Dashboard.
  • Label auto complete.
  • Various updates to the user interface.
  • Small images embedded in the post, such as “Tweet this” or “Email this,” are enlarged and show up on the Dashboard.
Regarding the cons, the biggest disadvantage which I felt was the inability to edit our template. The only way to do so would be to download the template, make the required changes and upload the stuff back again. Another important feature that I repeat in my feedback forms to Google is about the comments section on blogger. I feel they should modify their algorithm to support threaded comments like WP blogs.
The post on Official Google blog says that "We’ve essentially rewritten the entire application from scratch, using the latest web technologies that will enable us to make future updates in more agile and flexible ways. We realize there might be some ‘rough edges’ but fear not, we’ll be continually updating and improving the experience until it’s ready to graduate from Blogger in Draft. So, let's keep our fingers crossed and wait for the best to happen.

You may send a feedback about the new UI to Google via the following form - Send Feedback. You might very well share the same with us via comments.

Read more about the new feature on this page - ONE CLICK FAVICON INSTALLATION. Scroll to the end of the article to find the updated version of the post.

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Okagbabeluodachi said on June 8, 2011 at 2:04 PM :

With knowledge of HTML/CCS/Javascript, you can redesign your blog, be it Blogger or Wordpress, to look however you want it.

Mukund said on June 8, 2011 at 3:03 PM :

@Okagbabeluodachi: You are absolutely right! We can redesign the stuff but there is no such direct provision to do so on the new interface is what I meant! Thanks for your comment buddy!

business logo design said on June 8, 2011 at 3:10 PM :

It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Mukund said on June 8, 2011 at 3:17 PM :

@business logo design: Yup! Thanks for your comment! Would love to hear more from you!

Amit M B said on June 8, 2011 at 10:59 PM :

I am dissapointed with the blogger's new dashboard. They have missed the most important button --> edit html, how can they do that? Downloading, then editing, then uploading it back, it's a waste of time...

Mukund said on June 9, 2011 at 10:13 PM :

@Amit M B: Yes! I do accept with you Amit. That's a big blow but they will rectify it I believe! Submit your feedback using the link mentioned in the post. When everyone share the same opinion, well they will think about it! So, do submit your feedback without fail! Thanks for the comment by the way!

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Mukund said on June 14, 2011 at 12:15 AM :

@Online Logo Design: Thanks for those enthusiastic comments! Would love to hear more from you! I do hope that you enjoy the upcoming articles on my blog!

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