Blogging For Fun Vs Blogging For Money

Blogging-For-Money-Vs-FunThis is a guest article written by Saksham. If you wish to write for EAB, check out this page - Write For Us. If you ask a blogger if he or she blogs for fun or money, it’s likely you won’t get a proper answer. This is because, other than the professional bloggers who are out promoting products or services, most people blog for fun hoping to earn money in the process. Why do you blog? For fun or money?


Before you blog, decide if you want to blog just for fun and not to make money. In this case, you don’t have to care for anyone’s opinion; just write what feels right to you and post your random thoughts. Keep it humorous and people will read your blogs. You can even write on controversial topics if you like; just know that you might get hate comments along with your fan mail.

If you have the rare talent of being able to make people laugh, start a funny blog and gain a good fan following. You can then use your blog to place Ads and make money. There are many ways that you can apply to convert your fun blog into a profitable blog.

Note that if you manage your blog well, you can always earn money off of it. So even if your initial intent is to start a fun blog, stay away from controversial topics. Earn a steady fan following by posting good and healthy content.

Unless you are a professional blogger who uses all the latest blogging tricks to generate revenue, try blogging just for fun. If your blog helps you earn money, it’s great. If not, just enjoy your blogging experience.


If you are blogging for money and not just for fun, your strategy and agenda must be totally different. You need to put in a great deal of thought into the reason behind your blog, and what you plan on achieving from it. Determine how much you want to earn in a year and manipulate your blog to earn this revenue for you.

Use all possible basic and advanced methods to attract traffic to your blog. You can do this by posting intelligent articles on different topics and asking for people’s opinion. You can also allow space for promotions for product and service websites on your blog.

You can upload blog posts in other similar blog sites and get your back links that way. You can use keyword optimization, and upload keyword-rich content on profitable niches and get paid by advertisers. One such profitable niche is medifast discounts and nutrisystem coupons; people are constantly scouring the web for articles and information on medifast discounts and nutrisystem coupons. As a professional blogger, did you know you could help promote other people’s businesses for money as well?

Why Blogger is better than Wordpress ?

This is a Guest Post written by Navjot Singh. If you wish to write for EAB, check out this page - Write For Us. Most of the times, we see that many bloggers are blog on Wordpress! Even me. But why? We know that Wordpress is better than Blogspot. The reason being, its features like more flexibility, less coding, high end features, a much better interface for multi-author blogs. But, there are many things for which Blogger is better than Wordpress.


If we are going for Wordpress, then we need a self hosted blog and for that, we will need to pay for hosting every month or year. But in case if you choose you don't need to pay for any hosting charges. Your blog is fully hosted on Google and if you go with Wordpress (self hosted), well you need to buy a custom domain as well. But, in case of blogger you get your own and meanwhile, your Wordpress blog is hosted on other company servers where we don't get a 100% up-time, but in case of Blogger you get 100% up-time. Just think about this for second- can Google go down?


Well, after Google launched it's XML powered themes function, many themes have been developed and most of them are available for free where as most of the Wordpress themes are paid ones. Well, we can take Mukund's My World template which is highly customizable and we just need a little knowledge about html and xml and you are ready to go. Most of the templates listed on Mukund's blog are SEO Optimized & multi-author optimized. So, what more you need?


Even when I started my blogging, I started with a blogspot domain because it's simple and easy to use. The interface helps the newbies to understand what blogging is... When it comes to understanding, Blogger will defeat Wordpress in straight sets. You can play a lot with the codes. Most important  factor is that you don't need to invest anything. You just start out blogging and after that when you really want to become professional, you can choose Wordpress!

But, I would truly say that when I first saw "EAB -" I thought that it's a Wordpress blog run on Thesis theme. But when I came to know that this blog is hosted on blogger with a custom domain, I was amazed. It shows that how customizable Blogspot blogs can be! So you can choose Blogspot as your main blogging platform too. What actually matters - your content and a better design!!!


Blogger has started to introduce many features. The first being - xml driven blog, then a new template editor and now, there is a big change that will soon come into effect. The whole interface will be changed to new look, and that will be really awesome. Take a look at the video below:

We can conclude that we CAN opt Blogspot as our main blogging platform too. It can be easily edited to match with that of the Wordpress features and the dashboard look, well, it's soon gonna change. So, be it blogger or wordpress, enjoy what you do - blogging!!!

How To Get Google Sitelinks For Your Blog?

Hi friends!!! It's been few weeks since we got sitelinks from Google. I did not post about this stuff because no one exactly knows what should be done to get sitelinks for a particular site or blog. However, I would like to share my knowledge about sitelinks. Also, I 'm  going to share few practices which may  fetch you sitelinks. Interested to know what they are???

So, what are Sitelinks? This is what Google defines about Sitelinks - "The links shown below some sites in our search results, called sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site." So, basically these links are aimed at improving a site's navigation. Still confused??? Then, have a look at the image below for better understanding.
Although we do not know the exact algorithm that Google uses to create sitelinks, we can approximate and deduce few methods to yield these sitelinks. At least, if not for the sitelinks, I'm sure your website will rank better in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc...

1. PROPER HIERARCHY AND TEXT LINKS: Make sure your site has a clear hierarchy and text links. That is, create a site with proper CSS which utilizes the <ul> and <li> tags primarily. Add background images and other styles using the the same. This is one main reason why Thesis Theme has been outstanding when it comes to SEO.

2. SIMPLE AND CLEAN NAVIGATION BAR: Have a simple and clear navigation bar. Do not provide too many options for the readers. Get to know what the readers visit most frequently on your blog and put those labels/categories on the navigation bar. If your blog covers a variety of topics, then provide the reader with a second level menu.

3. UNIQUE TITLE: Get an unique title for your blog. If you have a unique name, the click through rate for your blog will increase. If you have it common, then no matter what you do, the click through rates will not high. So, make sure your blog has gotta unique title.

4. USEFUL CONTENT: Provide content that interests the reader. Content is King. So, it's very important that you keep providing content that interests your reader and I suggest you to choose titles that are comment provoking. This will fetch you more comments and improve your blog's reputation, as well.

5. PROPER META TAGS: Make sure you have proper META tags and titles that best fits the post. Although blogger does not support individual meta tags for each post, we can partially achieve it with a little bit of coding. Check out this article - Add META Tags To Each Blogger Posts. It is very important that the META tag on the home page is perfect. I recommend you to read this article - Create An Effective META Title For Your Blog.

I just wanted to share my knowledge about sitelinks. May be if you have an idea about getting sitelinks in a much easier way, then let us know via comments. Your thoughts are always welcome. See you soon in another interesting article.

Designing A Perfect Sidebar On Blogger

I just wanted to share some information about sidebar which I think would benefit both the newbies, as well as the webmasters, who are striving hard to make money via blogging - to design a perfect sidebar for your blog. To start off, sidebar is basically a section on your blog that comes either to the left or to the right of the main section & includes information related to the blog posts.

It is very important to design this element, that is, put the right content on the right area to attract both the readers and advertisers. As far as I know, a well organized sidebar should include some of the most important widgets like subscription box, advertisements, recent or popular posts, search bar or any information related to the blog they are browsing. Many blogs like TechieMania, Shoutmeloud and my very own blog - EAB, includes optional widgets like Facebook Fan Page/ Twitter Updates or Google Friend Connect.
So, it's important to know what should come first and what should go at the last. The importance of each widget based on their function has been ordered as shown in the list below. The percentage for each widget in the picture depicts both the importance and the area it should occupy on a particular blog. So, just have a keen look at it!!!

This is a very common widget that could be found on most of the blogs. On an average, it should occupy 5% of the space provided for sidebar and I suggest you to include links to your RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter profile page. You can have a short and catchy description about your blog, as well.

This is the most important element which every blog should possess. It's the ideal place for advertisements and should occupy, at the most 40% of the total space. It's very important that you don't place too many advertisements on your blog and make it look very ugly for the reader. Also, I suggest you have the width set to something more than 260px because you can have two advertisement blocks on the same row - just like the one on my blog. It's up to the individual to decide whether he wants to display ads related to the topic he is blogging about or just sell the ad space he has to run to meet his hosting/domain costs. 

This is another important widget that every blogger should place on the sidebar or at least, at the footer section because the maximum traffic your blog receives would be due to the posts you wrote earlier, that is people land on post pages and not on the home page of your blog. So, when you have a recent or most popular posts widget on the sidebar, there is a very high probability that the readers goes to check out another article on your blog. 

This includes widget such as the Google Friend Connect, FaceBook Fan Page and so many other social bookmarking widgets. It's basically used to build better interaction with the readers. So, I suggest you can have these widgets though they are are not necessary. Make sure they don't occupy too much of your space. Limit the space allotment to not more than 10%.

This additional space is basically for people to add miscellaneous widgets like job boards, tag cloud, etc... Limit the spacing for these elements to not more than 10%.

Basically, this post provides a quick summary about what should be present on your sidebar to make it more professional. So, I suggest you follow the same list especially if you are newbie. This schematic will definitely earn a better reputation rather than dumping a hell lot of widgets for no use. If you gotta share something, then just leave a comment. We love to hear from you!!!

Another February Offer - Free Reseller Hosting

I'm very happy to announce that one of my guest blogger has accepted to give away some exciting offers.  If you had missed the earlier FEB OFFER, just check out this post - Whois Privacy. I'm sure every webmaster would love to avail this offer. However, there is a small criteria that should be satisfied to avail this offer - you need to link FirstHosting on the website you host. I don't think it should bother you!!! Just a link at the footer will do good!!!

Well let me now reveal what the offer actually is... FirstHosting has accepted to provide a  FREE RESELLER HOSTING FOR LIFE. Apart from a Reseller Hosting for life, you get FREE PREMIUM SUPPORT as well. Do you think it's over??? No!!! Wait a second!!! We have something more for you guys!!! You will get instant $5 upon activating your affiliate account. However, there is one small trick here. Your affiliate commission will be 20% for every sale you make. And this commission will be valid only when there is a true sale. That is, you will not earn commissions when you refer people for this offer.
FirstHosting is providing hosting services since 2009 and they have servers located at different locations(USA/GERMANY/NETHERLANDS). They guarantee 100% up time with 24/7 premium support. As such, I have no personal experiences to share with you about FirstHosting. However, I have signed up for account to check out their services. May be you can try one too, because it's completely FREE!!! I will guide you through a step by step instruction for availing this SPECIAL OFFER!!!

1. First visit the client area by hitting the following - CLIENT AREA.
2. Now, hit the ORDER NOW tab at the right corner of the web page. 
3. Choose Reseller Hosting. Scroll the page down. Now, choose ELITE - 3rd option and select the payment as annually. Now, hit the ORDER NOW button.
4. Continue with the next page. It involves about details about your domain. If you want to purchase one, you may do so. Else, you can continue with the other option. Hit the continue button. 
5. This is about additional detials. Here, you may enter your Twitter Username and in the link next to it, just  type my blog URL - Hit the continue button.
6. Next, hit the CHECK OUT button. The next page will ask you about personal details. Fill them up. Then, hit the complete order button. It will redirect you to the PayPal page. Scroll down and click on "Cancel and Return To Client Page" link at the bottom left.
7. You just need to open your mail box and find the order number in it. Note it down. 
8. Now, open a ticket at the client area and tell them the source you came from to get free reseller hosting, and give us your site details along with the order number. The support person will reply to you in a short while. That's it!!!

NOTE: You must link their site on your new website. You can join their affiliate program as well. You will be credited with $5 instantly on activation.

It's actually a simple procedure but, I made it look bigger. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know, if you have any clarifications via comments. If you faced some any issues during the subscription, let me know via comments because I can contact a member of FirstHosting personally and ask him to solve your issues. So, feel free to leave your comments. And don't waste this offer. Grab one because it's FREE!!! COMPLETELY FREE!!! 

Whois Privacy - Time To Stop Using It!!!

Hi friends!!! Today, I have got some pretty new stuff to deal with. It's about whois privacy. I'm sure most the webmasters should know about this term and its usage. To  newbies and those who don't know what is "whois" privacy, it's basically a service that most of the domain registrars (like godaddy,, etc...) provide to protect your information when a "whois", a kind of search , is performed on your domains.

If your still confused with, what exactly "whois" is??? Then, have a look at the two pictures on these two links - Site With Whois Privacy, Site Without Whois Privacy. So, it's pretty clear from the two pictures that the one with the whois privacy does not reveal any information about the registrant whereas the one without the whois privacy displays personal information about the registrant.

Well, few years ago, publishing information on net was a little scary issue. However, I feel that the scenario has changed now. It's time to display information about us to ensure our presence on the web. If you plan to make money from blogging or planning to do a business online, then its mandatory to provide a contact address and email address. By using whois privacy, you just lose your credibility.

I do accept that spammers and scammers can make a hell out of the email address but a dedicated unique email address will do good. More over, you can't do anything with these scammers. So, its up to you to decide whether to publish your information or not. I leave it you domain registrants.

If you wish to avail the whois privacy on, then you may can do it this month because it's free!!! They usually charge $1.99/year. However, this February 2011, we can avail it for free. Just make sure you type the following text - FREEWHOIS in the promo code area and click the apply button next to it just as shown in the picture below. If you feel that providing information on the web is insecure, then go for this offer.
If you have any problems with in applying the promo code or any other issues, you can always contact me via email or leave your comments below. So, I hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon in another interesting article!!!

Why Are Most Bloggers Not Making Any Money?

This is a Guest Post written by Sharron Field. If you would like to write for EAB, then check out this page - Write For Us. We bloggers are a pretty dedicated bunch on the whole. We work hard at making our blogs look nice, read well, feature as high as we can get in the search-engine listings. We impart valuable information to do with our specialized subject in our chosen niche, much of the time without charge to any readers.

All in all we put a heck of a load of work into producing what is often some pretty good quality material, and to some extent our efforts are a reward in themselves. But it’s nice to get a little financial reward too, don’t you agree? – so many of us set about commercializing our blogs, not necessarily are we after making a fortune, though that would be very nice indeed thank you, but we’d just to make at least a little something to show that our efforts are appreciated if nothing else. Usually though, try as we might, it seems that no matter what we do, we just don’t seem to be able to make even a pittance.
So, we step back and take a look at ourselves: Maybe we’re not posting enough? – So, we post more. Maybe we’re not reading enough other blogs to gain sufficient enlightenment to write the quality of material that we’d like to. – So, we read more of other people’s blogs, then we spend ages search-engine-optimizing our blogs in the hope of a higher ranking. Just to make sure that the message about our blog-posts and the topic of our blog is getting out there - we post to social-media more, and we write more and post more…

Ultimate Result: Burnout, and no money. We’ve used up all our spare-time to get a few more readers and stay broke. Really frustrating!!! Isn't it???
This is something that a friend and colleague of mine, himself a professional blogger – making an income large-enough to comfortably support himself, his wife, and their two children from being so – calls “The Blogger Hamster Wheel of Doom”: When you’re on the Blogger Hamster Wheel of Doom; no matter how fast you go and no matter how much work you put in, you get nowhere. Even if we light up our blog like Times Square with banner-ads hardly anything changes Why is this? Something somewhere must be wrong – but what?

Imagine if you were in an offline scenario and you just published a new magazine that doesn’t seem to be selling. In parallel to it, we add more content and read other niche publications for inspiration. We mail all retail and social premises, ensuring they’ve heard about the magazine, and we advertise more and we increase the content again, adding many more glossy ads…

Will that make more people buy the magazine? No!!! All that'll do is just increase our workload. Why? Because we have the wrong mindset in both cases. Let me make that a little clear: If you want to write a blog, you need to think like a writer. If you want to sell a product, you need to think like a businessperson, a marketer. If you want to run a blog that sells product and make money from doing so, then you’ve got to think like both a writer and a marketer: You’ve got to become a complete package. Either be complete package or you stay on the Blogger Hamster Wheel of Doom.

To know more about Blogger Hamster Wheel of Doom, just check out the article here : “Most Internet Marketers/Bloggers are Broke”.

Why are you going to start Blogging?

This is a Guest Post written by FirstHosting. If you would like to write for Everything About Blogging, check our guest posting guidelines - Write For Us. Blogging has become a permanent career for many people, especially students these days are going to consider it way of earning for their whole life. Pro-Blogging is simply not that easy.

If you are going to choose blogging as your permanent career, then you really need to be a pro blogger. Don't just consider it as a joke. Dedicate your self to it, it may then be your career, other wise it will just be a waste of time. Today, we are going to discuss why people choose blogging.


Every thing needs a plan if you don't have any plan and you are going to start blogging then its simply not possible, first set your goal and work hard to achieve it. You should set your money goals only if your blogging is mean to money, so that you can work accordingly. Because anything without a plan is useless.


I will say that patience is key to online success, because most people think that they can make money online in days, but indeed online earning is same like offline, you need time to establish your things, and get well known to people and it really takes time, don't just bother your self with quick money online offers, they are just scam. So, be patient and work hard.


There is one more thing, many people just start blogging by choosing a scrap domain, and later they realized that they did really a big mistake, so to avoid this. You should take a breath and decide which topic or niche you are good at, then decide proper domain regarding your niche and then start blogging.

Last but not the least, you must have good command on language so that, you can write well and people will love reading you.

Why isn't my blog getting any comments?

Few days back, I had a chat with a newbie. He asked me "Why is that, your blog receives comment but, I don't receive any on my blog?" I have tried to answer this question on this post. I personally get excited when I see comments on my blog appreciating for my work. I'm sure it should be the same for many  people around the blogosphere as well. I have listed few points in this post which I feel stands as an obstacle to receive comments.

Its a pretty common mistake that every newbie makes when he/she starts a blog. Their aim is to make money and they want to do it overnight. They copy and paste content from other websites. It is important to note that the content which you copied has already been indexed by Google and your new blog will nowhere stand with the blog that's already well established. So, it is very important to generate your own articles because "CONTENT IS KING".

Secondly, it is important to make your content precise. Be clean and clear with what you say. Don't make the post too lengthy unless it is required. Use bulletins or number the points, wherever required. Highlight the keywords on your post. I would suggest every one to add a bit of humor at places in your post and to share your personal experiences. Try it yourself and see the result, because it works well on my blog and probloggers,like Darren Rowse, too suggest the same.

The second major constraint would be traffic. I have posted enough articles on increasing traffic to our blogs. So, I suggest you to have a glance at the previous entries on my blog - 
Article 1: How To Increase Traffic To My Blog?
Article 2: Improve Traffic To Your Blog.
Article 3: Increase Traffic To Your Blog With Meta Tag and SEO.
Article 4: Improve Traffic To Your Blog With Social Communities.
Having read these articles, you should have an idea where you are weak at. Optimize your site or methodology and start increasing the traffic to your blog. Apart from those, I suggest you to take part in forums/discussions related to your niche and leave your links there. It works very well, especially for blogs related to my niche (blogger tutorials, hacks, blogger widgets).

The most important factor which you leads to loss of comments and readers would be your interaction with your blog readers, fellow bloggers , forum members and other similar stuff. When some one comments on your blog, make sure you reply to their comment. Ask them to be more expressive and show some gratitude towards them. If you definitely want to make an impact, then I suggest you visit their blog and leave a comment there. This will definitely fetch more comments than what your blog is currently receiving. Also, use the social media to the best extent possible. Would stress this on my next post. Make sure you subscribe to my blog so that, you don't miss the next editions.

This is something related to the first point - content. Write on topics that would provoke more comments rather than writing some history about the topic on your article. It is advisable to write every post with a related question that would provoke users to comment on them. Secondly, ask for comments. For example, say your blog is dofollow (read more about dofollow blogs here: How To Make Your Blogger Blog DoFollow?), you may add a final tag on your blog saying - "We are a DoFollow blog. So, express your views about this post to generate a back-link for your blog".

If your blog is making good traffic and you generate a good revenue. Still, you don't receive comments. Then, you may run a contest which will temporarily increase the comments on your blog. May be, this will fetch more loyal readers to comment on your blog. Finally, make your comment process simple. Don't ask people for a login and stuff. You can enable comment moderation to prevent spam. So, stop asking people to login for commenting. Most important, make the comment section visible (USE COMMENT FORMS), not like my blog. I have a problem with the comment form, so I'm still stuck with this pop up window.

I have just enlisted a few simple ideas that can generate more comments. I'm sure there are better ways too. So, if you have any of them in your mind, please share it with our readers via comments. SEE!!! THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD GENERATE COMMENTS:)

Why Guest Posting Is So Important?

Before I start with significance of guest posting, let me explain about "What Is Guest Posting?" Basically, guest posting refers to posting articles on other blogs. In other words, it means publishing articles written by you on other blogs rather than your own blog. Guest posting helps to increase the traffic to your blog, improves your writing skills, some blogs encourage Adsense Revenue Sharing - increase your Adsense earnings, increase back links which in turn increases your Google page rank and so on.

Today, I find so many guest bloggers on various blogs but still, there are people who don't encourage guest posting. If you are one among the few people who feel there are no advantages with guest posting, then you definitely need to check out the infographic which I found on "MyBlogGuest". The infographic was designed by Brandon Rhodes for MyBlogGuest, and the infographic will clearly explain the benefits of Guest Posting. Take a look at the infographic given below.

Guest Posting Infographic:
I feel the best way to develop a community of bloggers related to our niche and to drive more traffic is possible when we encourage guest posting on our blogs. We have already started Guest Posting on our blog. So, if any one wants to write an article for us, they can visit the following page for more details - Write For Us.

Discount On ProBlogger Ebook For November 2010

I wanted to post about the special discount on ProBlogger Ebook last week. But, I did not get enough time because I was working on "Stylish Related Posts" widget. Today, I had some time to post about the discount. I hope every one in the blogging world know about Darren Rowse and his blog "". If you don't know about him, I highly recommend you to take a look at his site - ProBlogger.

copywriting-scorecard-bloggersRight from the time I started blogging, Darren Rowse had been my first inspiration and he still continues to inspire me. I gained a lot of  useful information from his blog and I'm an active follower of his blog till date. Coming to the ebooks, I highly recommend "31 Days To Build A Better Blog" while the last release "The Copywriting Scorecard For Blogger" is also recommended. To be frank, I have a copy of the former. So, I know how useful it is but, I don't possess a copy of the second release. So, I don't know about it. With respect to the first release, I guarantee that you will find a gradual change in your blog provided you follow the tips mentioned in that book.

If you are excited to get the Ebook, then it's the right time to get one now because Darren is providing a discount for this month. You need to use the following code to avail the discount - november25. I will provide a quick walk-through on "How to avail the discount for the ProBlogger eBooks?"

1. Decide which book you want to buy.
If you are newbie, I highly recommend "31 Days To Build A Better Blog". If you have some experience in blogging, and your searching for ways to improve the quality of your blog posts, then its ideal to get your hands on "The Copywriting Scorecard For Blogger".
2. Click any of the following two links to get the respective eBooks or both, if you need both the eBooks now.
3. You will find a wepage similar to the screen shot shown below. Now, type the code "november25" on the box called discount, the one circled in red in the screen shot. 
4. Click "Update Cart" after you enter the text. Now, you will get a discount of $4.99 on the first book while $7.99 on the second. Check the screen shots for better understanding.
So, what you waiting for??? Grab a copy of the eBooks now!!! If you need more information about the ebooks, then Click here to view more details.

Get Verified In PayPal Without Credit Card

I hope people blogging in India and worldwide know about PayPal. If they don't, PayPal is simply a bank that provides you an account online or in other words, they serve as an intermediate between the advertiser and the publisher to store money online with which, you can shop online or withdraw to your bank accounts as real cash. So, sign up with PayPal now and start earning money online!!!
PayPalRecently, I used had to withdraw some money to my bank account and when doing so, I came to know that I reached the credit limit($500). I had to lift the limits, in other words, increase the limit so that I can withdraw the amount to my bank account. However, the process of getting verified in PayPal in India required a credit card. I never had one simply because, I am still doing my studies. But now, the problem of getting verified in PayPal has become so easy. You don't require a credit card. Just a bank account in India.

Now, let me tell you how to get verified within 48 hours without a credit card.
1. You need to login to your dashboard.
2. Click on the get verified button which you can find as link above the account balance, that is, your status would say unverified. Click the link near it to get verified.
3. If you had already added a bank account, then choose to deposit add two small amounts to your bank account and proceed.
4. After one or two days, check out your bank pass book or the account book, you will have two small amounts deposited in it.
5. Just write the amount that you got in the window that asks for the amount deposited. Enter the amount and proceed with the subsequent window. That's all folks!!!

Your account will be verified and the limits will be removed. Now, you can send/withdraw unlimited amount with your PayPal account. You may even become a golden member in NeoBux. Learn how to make money online with NeoBux by clicking here: How to make money with NeoBux??? There are lots of advantage being a verified member. So, get yourself verified with PayPal now!!! If you still face any problem, just visit this link Get Verified Today.

What Is RSS All About?

I really wondered "What is RSS?", when I started blogging and I never knew what impact, it had on my blog. I just installed in my blog because I found the same in all other blogs. Now, it has been a year since I entered this blogging world and I got to know a little about this RSS which I want to share with my readers. To be very simple, it is another method for the readers to keep track of your blog. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", a technology that websites use to distribute their content.

RSS-Tablet-IconI am sure many of them use bookmarks to keep track of their favorite sites, that is checking those sites everyday or may be on a regular basis for new content. Instead, you can subscribe to each site's RSS feed and you will be informed automatically by your RSS Reader, once there is a new content added on that site. I have used two new terms "RSS feed" and "RSS Reader". What is this crap??? Wait... Relax with a coffee. Let me explain that to you.

Websites that use the technology of RSS create special files, called "feeds". As mentioned earlier, these files are designed in such a way that they are updated periodically to contain the latest information about the site. A RSS reader is simply like a software, in other words, an application to view the RSS feeds. There are two types of RSS readers available, namely, Web Readers and Desktop readers. The former one is the most preferred, because you can store your feeds on the internet rather than on your hard drive. Some of the popular and free RSS readers are: Google Reader, FeedDemon, Bloglines, etc... I prefer Google Reader because, it is simple to use.

Fine. I got my RSS reader. Now, what do I do? Simply, subscribe to the RSS feed of all your favorite websites. Now, how do I do this? Few sites mention "Subscribe Via RSS" or provide an icon, (something like the one, I should on top of this post) some where in the site for their readers to subscribe via RSS. While few browsers, like Fire Fox have got this option in built, that is, you can click on the icon displayed on the right end of the location bar to subscribe to them. Feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed too.