Shoutmeloud Thesis Theme For Blogger

It's been a long time since I posted an article on this blog because I was working on the highly SEO optimized thesis theme exactly similar to that of Shoutmeloud blog. Many people wanted the widgetized version of the thesis footer and the complete theme too. To all those who eagerly waited - here we are, with the basic version of the Shoutmeloud thesis theme!!!

The template which I have designed is exactly similar to the shoutmeloud theme except for few areas. The comments section and the ads below each post are the areas where the coding has to be worked out. I will launch an updated version for this theme in a few weeks time. In fact, the step by step customization for each portion of this theme will follow up in the upcoming weeks - includes the coding for the sidebar widgets (subscription box, banner ads, etc..) as well.

You may have a look at the following two pictures for a complete screen-shot of the home page and the post page. Hit the demo link above to check out a live demo of the thesis theme now.

Since the features for this template are many in number, I plan to publish articles about each feature in the upcoming weeks. So, don't forget to subscribe to my blog - Subscribe Via RSS. Else, you will lose track of the customization. However, I will list out the features of this template here.

1. TOP NAVIGATION BAR - Added | For Customization - CLICK HERE
2. HEADER WITH 468x60 BANNER AD - Added
3. SUB NAVIGATION BAR - Added | For Customization - CLICK HERE
4. GOOGLE ADSENSE LINK UNIT (728x15) - Added | Replace with your ID
5. ADSENSE UNIT BELOW POST TITLE (300x250) - Added | Replace with your ID
8. MULTIPLE AUTHOR WIDGETS - Added | For Customization - CLICK HERE.
11. SEARCH BAR - Added
14. FOOTER (For Blog Categories and Logo) - CLICK HERE

All those which carry the text coding will be posted soon or article coming soon mean the articles are yet to be published. Once I publish the article for customization, I will be updating the list here. You can also send me suggestions via comments about various other features which you wish to have on this theme - for example, a featured content or an ad unit at the end of the post that will facilitate 125x125 ad banners, etc..

Moreover, if you feel some portion of the template is little bit different from that of the original shoutmeloud thesis theme, you may leave your opinions via comments. I will answer to all your queries. So, share your thoughts via comments!!! We would love to hear from you!!!

Note: Template best viewed on Firefox. IE does not support curved CSS. So, I suggest you to view it on Firefox.

Ultimate Blogging Theme For Blogger - It's Free Now!!!

Hi friends!!! I'm happy to announce that this is the 100th post on my blog "Everything About Blogging". I want to celebrate this little joy by sharing 'The $147 WP Theme - Ultimate Blogging Theme" for blogger with my readers. If you are a WP user, then I'm very sorry to tell you that the theme is not available for free. There's no other go!!! You need to download the theme for $147 from Carl Ocab's website. Anyway, blogspot users can download this template for free!!!
Take a look at the above screen shot to preview the template. Excited about the template? Not convinced??? Then, check out the features of this template by clicking the link below.

Still not satisfied??? May be you are tough-skinned person. Then, check out the LIVE DEMO by clicking the link below.

I hope you are convinced with the template. Apart the features you read about this template here - Features Of Ultimate Blogging Theme For Blogger, I included the basic version of newer post and older posts link below every post page. I plan to include the WordPress style comments for blogger on this template as well. The features will be updated as and when I fix them.

I have a small request to people who use this template - "Please, don't remove the credits section on this template. You may modify them as you want. Please, leave at least one link pointing to my site". Moreover, I'm happy to announce that my previous release namely, "MY WORLD BLOGGER TEMPLATE" has gained a lot of reputation around the blogosphere. I found it accepted on 'BloggerStyles' and ''. It's been used by "Best Blogger Templates" and the list goes on.

I don't want to waste too much of your time. So, click the link  below to download the Ultimate Blogging Theme For Blogger and have a blast!!!!

Note: Step by Step customization for the above template will be posted in the upcoming weeks. It's better you subscribe to my blog, so that you don't miss the updates regarding this template. Any way, I would love to hear your feedback about this template. Let me know what more features you want on this template. I will try to add them as well!!! So, feel free to leave your comments.

Free Premium Blogger Templates - My World

Today, I present to you my next creation namely, "My World Blogger Template". This template is basically a Wordpress theme which was converted by bloggerzbible. The converted template had a lot of bugs in it. I have removed the bugs and completely customized it in such a way that it looks very professional and gives a Wordpress like appearance. I have made the template SEO optimized and it includes the script for read more hack. Various customizations for this template are explained below.

Just have a look at the template screen shot or click on the demo link to view a lived demo of the template. I hope you are excited about the template and you have downloaded the same. If you are not satisfied with the above look of the template, have a look at another example of this same template customized in another manner. So, what you waiting for??? Hit the download  link and start customizing your template. You can read about the features and its customizations below.

{Get This Blogger Template Completely Customized At Just $5.00}
{Click the button below to pay me and send your details via "Our Services" Page}

Basically, the template is a two column template with the following features.
1. Multi-tab Navigation Bar:
The template carries a rounded navigation bar apart from one standard navigation bar above the header logo. The navigation bar is a smooth sliding bar. You may look the snapshot below for better understanding.
1.1. Just search for the following code in your template.
<li class='menu-item menu-item-type-taxonomy'><a href='#'>Examples</a></li>
1.2. Now, you just need to replace every "#" with the link you wish to point to and make sure that, you change the name(Example) correspondingly. There are various instances where you will find the above codes. Replace all the links with the link you wish to point to. It is pretty self-explanatory. You can contact me via email if you face any problem!!!

2. Search Engine Optimization:
The template has already made the title tags search engine optimized. You just need to customize the keywords and description part for your template. 
2.1. Search for the following code in your template.
<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>
2.2. Replace "DESCRIPTION HERE" and "KEYWORDS HERE" with your own blog description and keywords.

3. Changing Blogger Logo And Header Logo:
3.1. Changing Blogger Logo:
If you wish to know more about blogger logo, then visit this page: "Change Blogger Logo". You can always do this simple hack by replacing the links that point to the logo. To change the blogger logo, just follow this step. 
3.1.1. Find the following code in your template.
<link href='IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT' rel='icon'/>
3.1.2. Replace "IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT" with the URL of your image(logo). Upload the image to Google Picasa or Imageshack or Photobucket. Get the URL of the image and paste it in the space provided. That's it!!!
3.2. Changing Header Logo:
3.2.1. To change the header logo, just find the following code.

<img alt='My World Logo' class='png_bg' src=''/>
3.2.2. Now, replace the link mentioned in green with the link to your logo. Make sure your header logo is transparent. To get a professional header logo for your blog, just visit "Our Services" page. We guarantee 100% satisfaction when it comes to banner and header design.

4. Wordpress Like Comments Section:
I always wanted to have templates that resemble Wordpress themes. When I tried to do them, I always faced problem with the comments section. But, this template will overcome that difficulty. It has got an excellent comments section similar to Wordpress. If you wish to add the same section on your blog, then visit this page: "Wordpress Like Comments Section On Blogger".
5. Footer Section:
There is nothing much to explain with respect to the footer section excepting the logo that you can display. Follow the same steps mentioned for changing the header logo. You can also add some text next to the logo if you need to. So, have a look at the screen shot of the footer section.
I have just highlighted the most important features of this template. The template includes various other features and customizations too. Those are pretty self-explanatory. Overall, the template will appear exactly like a Wordpress theme. I hope you enjoy this template. If you missed the earlier template customized by me, then visit this page: "Smack V1 Premium Blogger Template". Please, leave your opinion about the template via comments!!!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Smack V1

I'm quite happy to introduce my first premium blogger template namely, "The Smack V1 Blogger Template". This two column template is an improved version of the "Stunning Press" word-press theme. Lasantha(Have included his credit in the template) bloggerized this template. I have remodeled the whole template in such a way that, it loads much faster when compared to the conventional template. Moreover, this template is highly search engine optimized. Take a look at the following screen shot of this blogger template. Or, click on the "Live Demo" link to view a live demo of this template.
1. A 468x60 Ads Ready Banner.
2. A Customized Search Bar.
3. Two Navigation Bars (Above And Below The Header).
4. Ready To Use Social Bookmarking Buttons.
5. Gravatars Enabled For Comments.
6. Wordpress Like Comments Section.
7. Codes Ready For Your Site Logo (Read More About: Changing Blogger Logo).
8. Automatic Read More Hack Enabled.
9. Tested and Compatible with all major browsers (Firefox, IE and Safari).
10. Ready To Use Three Column Footer and so on...

The template also includes a provision for adding a sliding featured content widget. But, I did not include this feature in my template because, it will reduce the web page speed. Please, don't confuse yourself with this template and the "Stunning Press" blogger template. I would say "Smack V1" is an advanced version of the "Stunning Press" blogger template.

Template Customization:
I have listed clearly the entire customization with respect to this template. I have also explained few features for better understanding. You can always leave comments if you need any clarification regarding the template customization.

1. Meta Tags:
1.1. Search for the following code in your blogger template.
<meta content='DESCRIPTION HERE' name='description'/>
<meta content='KEYWORDS HERE' name='keywords'/>
1.2. Replace "DESCRIPTION HERE" and "KEYWORDS HERE" with your own blog description and keywords.
(Note: Do not change the title tags. They are optimized by default for SEO and it comprises of meta tags for each blogger posts too.)

2. Navigation Bars:
2.1. Search for the following code in your blogger template.
<a href='#' title='Edit this link'>
2.2. Replace ' # ' with the link you wish to point to and "Edit" with the name of the link.
(Note: You will find the code mentioned in step 1 at two instances. You can replace them with different links of your choice.)

3. Changing Blogger Logo:
3.1. Look for the following code in your blogger template.
<link href='IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT' rel='icon'/>
3.2. Replace "IMAGE URL IN GIF FORMAT" with the URL of your image(logo). That is, after uploading it to Google Picasa or Imageshack or Photobucket. Get the URL of the image and paste it in the space provided.
(Note: We design blogger logos and header images for your blogs at very affordable prices. Please, visit the services page for more details (Our Exclusive Premium Services) or write to me directly via email at smalwayz[at]

4. Changing Header Banner And Footer Section:
4.1. It is pretty simple to change these sections. I have coded in such a way that you just need to navigate to "Design->Page Elemets" from the dashboard and choose "Add a Gadget" to add any content/image of your choice.

5. Changing Default Avatar For Blogger Comments:
5.1. The template carries a unique wordpress style of comments section. You may have a look at the screen shot of the comments section below.5.2. If you wish to change the default avatar for the comments section, then search for the following link in your blogger template.
5.3. Replace the above link with the URL of your image (avatar of your choice) to display the default avatars on your comments section. That is, after uploading your image to Google Picasa or Imageshack or Photobucket, get the URL of the image and paste it in the space provided.

Overall, with this template installed on your blog, you just need to concentrate on your content and you can forget about the design of your blog because everything is installed by default with this template (including the "Read More" Hack). I hope I explained the customizations clearly. As mentioned earlier in the post, if you need clarifications or need further customizations(adding breadcrumbs or featured content or any other widget), please leave your comments below and I will help you solve the problem.

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Prozine V1

Today, I present to you another premium blogger template namely, "The Prozine V1 Blogger Template". This template is yet another creation from Lasantha Bandara. Although, I google a lot about premium blogger templates, I finally end up with the creations from Lasantha Bandara. I feel the templates posted in his site has got the professional touch that one excepts to have on his/her blog. You may click on the demo link to have a live demo of this template or just view the screen shot below.
The demo link is the basic setup for the template while the screen shot shows, how good the template can be modified. You can always search for design tips(blogger customizations) in my blog. This template "Prozine V1" is basically a right sided three coulmn blogger template which comes in with outstanding and ready to use features. To start off, the template has got a navigation bar below the header. It comes with ready to use 468x60 banner ad space with the header. More over, the template consists of a sliding feature content which requires a little customization though the space for it is readily provided in the template.

The template carries a white background with black text for the posts which is most commonly preferred combination. The template has a good combination of colors for the rest of the area. Apart from the color combination used, the post area has rounded corners rather than the usual straight ones. The template comes with a ready to use read more feature and also, a very good looking comment bubble enabled for each post.

I always mention one drawback with the templates posted under PBT which is nothing but the footer section. Most of the premium templates lack the footer section. But, this template has overcome that drawback and provides you a four column footer, quite a lot of widgets can be accommodated in this space. If you have not got enough widgets, there is no need to worry. The template comes with enough ideas for each footer section.

So, overall I would recommend this blogger template for every newbie trying to make his/her blog professional. Please share your views about this template via comments!!! Remember, you will generate back links, that contributes to your Google PR, if you comment on dofollow blogs (Read more about dofollow blogs here : "How To Make Your Blogger Blog Dofollow") like mine!!!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Company Style

Hi friends!!! This post deals with yet another premium blogger template namely, "Company Style" blogger template. I found this template at PBT. It was basically designed by "" for Wordpress blogs. The conversion to blogger was made by Lasantha Bandara. This template is one among the very few professionally designed blogger template that I would recommend every one to give it a try. It appears so professional and the combination of colors are excellent. Before I start reviewing and highlighting its features, have a look the screen shot below or click on the demo link to have a live demo of the template.
The "Company Style" blogger template is basically a two column blogger template with rounded corners and a fixed featured content. Unlike the other templates wherein, you find the sliding featured content, this template provides a static featured content/widget which is specifically meant to display a welcome note to the visitor about your blog. The template carries a right sided second column with white background and dark red color for the title of the widgets.

The template comes with the "Read More" hack automatically installed for each blog post. More over, the template provides two navigation bars which means you get a lot of space to share some links. The template includes a ready to use RSS subscriber feed and twitter icon right next to the left of the search box. How ever, the template misses one feature namely, a three column or four column footer(to add one to your blog now, just click here - Add a three column footer to your blogger template).

Overall, I would recommend this template to every one. I would say, this template would be a dream space for people who love to have fun with HTML. For all those who are poor at HTML, this template will work fine, but you might face difficulties in future when you try to make some changes say adding features like a sliding featured content, footer and so on... I hope you enjoy this template. Give it a try and leave your response here via comments!!!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Country Press

Hi friends!! I present to you yet another premium blogger template namely, "The Country Press Blogger Template". I found this template when I searched for the keyword "premium blogger templates". I felt this template looks more attractive and professional when compared to other templates of the same category. This template was initially designed for Wordpress which was converted to blogger by "Lasantha Bandara - Premium Blogger Templates". Before I start my review, check out the screen shot of the template below or click on the link to have a live demo of the template.

(Note: To download the same template without the sliding featured content, please click here : Download Country Press Blogger Template Without The Slider For Free.)
Country Press is basically a two column blogger template with a left sided sidebar rather than usual right sided sidebars. As we have seen in our previous series of posts on free premium blogger templates like "The Masunurin Blogger Template" or "The Grante Blogger Template" or "The Mimoza Blogger Template", this template also comes with ready to use social bookmarking buttons. The template attracts a lot of visitors at its first sight because of its wonderful color combination(Black and Saffron with White background for posts).

The main feature of this template would be the sliding featured content. How ever, this template has two versions. One with the sliding feature widget installed while the other without it. If you wish to add this widget(Sliding Featured Content) to your blog, then visit this link for step by step instructions: Add A Sliding Featured Content To Blogger. As found in many of the premium blogger templates, this template also provides two navigation bars and a space in the header for displaying 468x60 banner ads. Above all, this template is SEO friendly and comes with the page navigation widget installed for blogger.

How ever, this template lacks a footer section, it could be either a three column or a four column footer. To add this to your blog or to this template, just visit the following link: "Add Three Column Footer To Your Blog". Overall, a very good template to install especially for the newbies. Let me know if you liked this template or not. Feel free to leave your opinions via comments!!!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Grante

As I said in my previous post on Free Premium Blogger Templates, I have become more specific in choosing the blogger templates. But, with respect to this template namely, "Grante Blogger Template", I never had a second thought say whether to post it or not. This template is basically a two column template which was originally designed for Word Press. It was converted to blogger by "". You may have a look at the template by checking the screen shot below or click on the demo link to have a live demo of the template.
So, I would like to highlight few important features of this template. To start off, I would recommend this template to all the newbies who think of changing their template from the default blogger template because I feel this template gives a very good impression at its first look. Moving on to its features, it has got ready to use social bookmarking buttons at the right sidebar.

The template also provides an attractive RSS feed and twitter icon at the top of the blog, next to the search bar. This template provides only one navigation bar which is located below the title/header. Also, the "Read More" hack can be enabled for this template with ease. The only disadvantage with this template would be the footer section. I find this section missing in many of the blogger templates. How ever, we add one if you know a little about CSS and HTML coding. If not, just visit this link (Add A Stylish Footer To Your Blog) and you can add a footer in seconds.

Overall, I would recommend this template all the newbies and even the pro's to some extent. The template is feasible for changes in text type, font color, size and so on. These customizations would be little difficult for the newbies. However, the pro's would master this and make this template, the way they want. Hope you enjoyed this template and the upcoming series of "Free Premium Blogger Templates".

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Mimoza

For the past few weeks, I am working on the keyword "Free Premium Blogger Templates". So, you will find every template that is posted here with the heading as "Free Premium Blogger Templates" followed by the title of the template. It does not mean that I post some non sense under this category. I just want to convey my message that I have become more specific in choosing the templates which I post here. Today, I present to you one such specifically chosen premium blogger template namely, "The Mimoza Blogger Template".
Before I explain the features of this template, you may preview this template by having a look at the screen shot above or just click on the demo link to check out the live demo of this template. To start off, Mimoza Blogger Template is a two column blogger template. It includes features like the sliding featured content(click here to install featured content on your blogger template), default ad blocks, social bookmarking icons and so on...

I feel the two important features that make this template stand unique would be the sliding featured content widget and the social bookmarking icons. The color combination in this template is excellent. More over, the side bars, the post area and the the rest of the template have straight bends rather than curved corners which makes it more elegant and adds a professional touch to the blog. The template also provides two navigation menus, one above the header and the other below it, for better navigation.

The template, however, carries one disadvantage with it. As we saw in the Masunurin Blogger Template, this template also lacks a three/four column footer. How ever, you may add a three column footer to the template if you know little HTML coding and CSS for styling. If not, contact me and I will help you do the same. Just try installing this template and I hope you enjoy this template and the upcoming series of "Free Premium Blogger Templates".

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Uniqx

When I searched for premium blogger templates, I found one amazing template namely, "The Uniqx Blogger Template". Basically, Uniqx blogger template is a two column template with right sidebars, footer columns, custom fonts and abstract. The template was designed by "Rethnaraj Rambabu" from BloggerBits. The main difference between this template and the other premium blogger templates is that it carries a unique font( ‘Chunk’ and ‘Steinem’) throughout the template.
You may have a look at the template by checking the screen shot above. Or click on the demo link to have a live demo of the template. Let me continue to highlight some of its features. The template consists has an unique navigation bar. Unlike the usual bars which you see above or below the header, this template consists of a navigation bar besides the title, in a random order, not horizontal nor vertical menus. It also includes "Welcome Text", where in you can add your name and your blog name. Above all, it is designed such that the "Welcome text" appears only in the home page.

It includes a "Read more" hack installed by default with the template. To make it more professional, it includes a three column footer. I just can't use any other word in this post other than "unique" because, it is designed in such a way that it carries a separate identity for itself from the header to the footer. I hope you like this unique template!:)

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Hybrid News

Hi friends!! I present to you another premium blogger template namely, Hybrid News Blogger Template. This template was designed by free blogger templates. Basically, the Hybrid News Blogger Template is a magazine style three column blogger template. Similar to the Latte Blogger Template, it provides you two menu bars, one above the header and one below it. The color combination namely, dark blue and white, stands as a good contrast to each other and provides more elegance to the template!!!
The preview of the template is shown in the above screen shot. The link below it shows a live demo of the template. The main feature of this blog template is the sliding featured content. Infact, you can not call it a featured content. It is basically a slider that displays the latest posts in your blog. The main advantage of this widget is that it works on the RSS feed. Therefore, manual updates are not required. It automatically updates the content. You have space for a brief note about your post and a space for your post image.

Apart from the above feature, it includes a mini post section wherein you can have a small snippet of your blog post. It includes two more text widgets below it for extra information which you like to share with your readers. The sidebar initially appears as a single block. It splits into two at the latter part providing you enough space to accommodate any widget with a variety in dimensions. Above all, it includes a four column footer too. So, you have enough space for displaying the widgets of your choice.

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Latte Blogger

Hi friends!!! It's been quite long since I made a post about blogger templates. I always wanted to showcase the best templates that are available in the marketplace. So, today I present you one among the best blogger templates namely, Latte Blogger Template. To start off, I would like to let you know that the original author for this beautiful template is Chica Blogger. Starting from the header to the footer, the author displays a unique identity from other blogger templates.

Let me give a brief review about this template here. Latte Blogger Template is basically a two column template designed for pro blogs. The combination of colors namely, the cream and brown, provides an appealing look to the visitors. The main feature of this blogger template is the professional look which it holds throughout the web page. You can have a preview of this blogger template by checking the screen shot below or check out a live demo in my test blog.

The template carries a sliding featured content widget along with the social bookmarking icons (Twitter, Facebook and RSS) on top of all the widgets. This combination of featured content with the social bookmarking stuff serves as an excellent layout. Moreover, we have tabs below and above the header(banner) which gives blogger their space to post labels, links to homepage , contact me, about me and other craps...

Apart from the post area, you can add widgets to the sidebar which are properly spaced between the header and footer. Another important feature of this template is the three column footer section. This feature adds the spice of professional blogs. You may find a three column footer in my blog too. Initially my blog never had this feature and lacked the pro touch, once I installed this stuff, it gave my blog more reputation than what it had.

Moreover, it is very important that you place proper widgets in the footer and make the best use of this space. I highly recommend this blogger template to all those people who wish to give their blog a professional look. You may share your ideas about this template as comments!!! For any help regarding template installation or bugs with this template, please report to me and I will find a possible solution!! So what are you waiting for??? Give it a try!! Nothing to lose!!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Mahusay

Mahusay template is one of my favorite templates in the recent past. This template has all the features that a professional template needs. Bascially, Mahusay Blogger Template is a two column template that was originally created by PaddSolutions. This was converted to blogger by Free Blogger Template. The color scheme of the template is very impressive. It has got dark and light shades of cream with white as the background for blog posts, text written in black and offers a beautiful Featured content.
The Featured content is a slider that keeps rotating on a regular basis. You may include a short description about the post in it! This widget definitely impressed me and makes the template more stylish. For people, who want to add this sliding "Featured content" widget in your blog, you may contact me personally via Email and I will let you know how to install the widget in your blog. The Read More option, like in Wood Mag Blogger Template, is incorporated by default in this template too.

Main Features:
An Elegant Menu Navigation, Sliding Featured Content with Automatic Post Update, Beautiful space for Author Profile(next to the Featured Content Widget), Default FeedBurner Subscription Form incorporated below the Author profile, 468x60 Banner Ads display at the top, Recent Posts and Recent Comments Widget at the Footer and many more... This template definitely offers a lot more features than the usual ones. It is pretty easy to troubleshoot the errors with respect to HTML coding. The coding is structured properly and there fore, you will not have any difficulties with resolving your problems provided, you know some basic HTML.

Overall, this two column template has got all the features required for a professional blog. I would rate 4 out of 5 for this template because it is pretty difficult to incorporate all the widgets and other craps in two columns. You may use it for personal blogs too!! Definitely will suit both! I hope you enjoyed this template. See you soon in my next post!

Free Premium Blogger Templates - WoodMag

It's quite long, since I posted a new template here. I simply did not want to post a lot of templates because many templates are uploaded day by day, but none of them are customizable nor look good. Finally, after a long time, this template "WoodMag Blogger Templates" deserves a top place among the recently released blogger templates. It is basically a three column template and as the name indicates, it has wood background and appears to look like a magazine style template.
Download WoodMag Blogger Template For Free

1. Automatic Read More Facility: There is no need to explicitly add HTML codes and other stuffs to have the read more option enabled in your blog. You get this facility by default in your blog.
2. Lower Three Column Section: Many templates do not have this section while this template includes three sections for bloggers to add their Recent Comments Widget, Recent Posts Widgets, etc..
3. Works Perfectly On All Browsers: It works perfectly fine in IE and Mozilla Firefox because I personally tested the template in my test blog. Bloggers will realise this point only, when they try to customize their widgets and other HTML codes in their blog. A simple "Back to Top" icon will not come along the page in IE whereas in Mozilla, it does. So, there are a lot of similar problems. This template certainly overcomes all those.

Overall, a beautifully designed blog that has got all the features of a professional template. It is very important to note that this template is suitable for both personal and professional blogs.

Free Premium Blogger Templates - Revolution Church

I visit so many sites, I mean bloggers with blog spot domains. They have a good content with them but the look of their site is really so old and worse. They are still stuck with that default blogger templates. So, I thought why not take the initiative and help those bloggers with some of the best templates around the blog sphere. As far as I know, the best template for blogger is "Revolution Church Blogger Template".
Download Revolution Church Blogger Template for Free

Many people said me that your site looks like a professional site and is cool. The template with which my blog is running is "Revolution Church Blogger Template". You can take a look at the snapshot of the template applied to some other blog. If you are person who knows to play with HTML, then I am sure your blog will rock!!! Even if your zero with HTML, I will help you out with the look!!! You can check out the various tips in my blog(Click Here). If you personally need any help, leave a comment and you will be replied at the earliest.

It was originally designed by the WordPress theme mastermind, Brian Gardner. It was converted into blogger template after the approval from Brian Gardner. To be frank, I came to know about this template through eblogtemplates. I hope people will benefit out of this template.